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You Can Change The World

2012-08-19 08.27.43I had an experience as a teenager that was quite unique – that I am sure that most of you won’t be able to relate to.
My mother was embarrassing.

When she was well, in addition to the eccentricity, she wouldn’t understand normal western ways of living and behaving due to her peasant farming Slavic background. She would ask for “Durex” loudly in her heavy Serbian accent in shops when she meant “Duracell”, would wear bling gold, and would breathe in front of my friends….you know, the stuff we worry about as teenagers. What made it worse was that she was – well – into natural stuff. Like organic food and natural toiletries, which was so unfashionable.

This was in the late 1980s, when to get hold of organic food and natural toiletries meant going to one of three shops in London. We drove all the way to Southall in far West London one day in the late 1990s, when my mother read an article about a plant-based range of cleaning products called Ecover – there wasn’t anything like it in existence at the time. We bought it from the importer because it wasn’t in the shops yet. It is now the leading brand of such products in the UK.

My mum’s perspectives bothered me. I was a teenage city girl living in trendy London, who worked Saturdays in a chemist, and used my shop discount to collect one of each of a whole range of cheap body sprays and all sorts of shampoos and conditioners that promised me magic hair. I didn’t want to smell natural. Being with my mother, that meant smelling of garlic, that mega-unfashionable immune system boosting natural antibiotic, and cardiovascular gem. Urgh no. And my mother would grow her own organic vegetables in the back garden using manure. When she offered me home-grown vegetables, I would in my loving, thoughtful teenage-daughterly way, turn my nose up because I didn’t want to eat anything a slug had shared.

It took me a while to realize that my mother was a trend-setting ultra cool genius – some time after she had passed in fact, bless her wise heart. Oh how she laughs from the “other side”. She taught me the power of listening to your truth – no matter what anyone else says – and the power of money.

Your most powerful tool for change

We are often brought up to believe that the most powerful contribution we can make to facilitating change that betters people’s lives is to vote for who governs us. There is however something far more politically powerful. You can facilitate much greater change by voting in another way – with your pocket.

How you spend your money literally changes the world. Let me give you some examples. Anita Roddick, with The Body Shop, turned consumer’s desires to use toiletries that had not been tested on animals into a global phenomenon. It’s success has waned since it was sold to L’Oreal; many loyal consumers have chosen to spend their money elsewhere. U.S. sales of organic food and beverages have grown from $1 billion in 1990 to $26.7 billion in 2010. [1] Every time you make a choice to buy organic food, that counts as a vote that shows you are interested in food that is grown in more environmentally conscious, sustainable ways, free of GM (genetically modified foods, which are engineered in a laboratory to be resistant to pests, or give a greater yield, or terminator seeds that won’t re-pollinate, meaning seeds have to bought from the companies year after year, amongst other actions) or the use of pesticides that are potentially harmful to health.

Genetically modified food is being shown to cause serious health problems. All wheat is GMO – it was originally genetically modified to ensure tougher yields over 100 years ago, before the need for labelling. I know many people – I’ll bet you do too – that are wheat intolerant. GMO is being shown to cause immune system, heart, and hormone problems as well as cancers. At the time of writing, 85 scientists in the UK have joined together to campaign to stop the use of GMOs because of the lack of scientific data about the long term health implications. Not to mention the damage it does to the ecosystem, animals, plants and land. Some suggest that the reason for the weather changes in some parts of the world are to engineered weather that Monsanto is involved in – creating weather patterns that destroy food crops, making us more dependent on “weather resistant” GMOs. Think that’s ludicrous? The Chinese Government in 2014 openly artificially generated snow in China, so if China is publicly doing that, what can other Governments and corporations do?

At the time of writing – many major food producers use GMOs, especially GM soy. This includes Kellogg’s, Heinz, Hellman’s and Cadbury’s. In fact, unless food is organic there’s no guarantee that it IS GMO free.

Food suppliers want to meet your needs, and have you shop with them, so they oblige by finding more food producers of organic food. That means that more food producers who produce food organically are needed. So you actively vote for the reduced use of pesticides. This benefits not just consumers, but farmers who are encouraged to become organic….and are less exposed to these chemicals too. There is less chemical run-off into the water table under the fields, and so less chemicals going into streams and rivers. There is less evaporation of chemicals in the water into the skies, meaning purer rain water.

You change how land is used in a way that supports sustainable life on the earth just by what groceries you spend your money on.

It is the same with toiletries and household cleaning products. I remember asking my chemistry teacher, when I was 17 years old, why we didn’t use washing up liquid when we washed up the glassware that we used for experiments. She told us that it takes 26 rinses to wash off the phosphates in the washing up liquid (off glass ) and so the experiments become inaccurate. I remember even then thinking….umm that will be on dinner plates and go into our bodies…..and through our bodies into our babies and the land. It seems that lots of us have been catching on to an awareness that natural products benefit us all.

The US natural and organic hair care, make-up and skin care market expanded by more than 60% in the five-year period ending 2010. At that point the industry was worth close to $8 billion and is forecast to hit the $11 billion mark in 2016. Green products remain popular, despite the economic recession.[2]

Money, Medicine & Sacred Numbers

At the same time, there has been an increase in the awareness of the power of natural medicine, and the big companies want in on it – they want to make sure you continue to spend your money with them, so they will oblige informed consumers.

“It’s no coincidence that four of the six letters in health are ‘heal’.”
~ Ed Northstrum

Natural medicine works in very interesting ways. When I first when to University, it was to study pharmacy – I loved learning about the body and was fascinated by what other substances do within it. I had worked in a chemist part-time from when I was 14 years old, and by the time I was 16, I had learned what all the drugs did in the pharmacy, could tell you most of the contraindications, and knew my way round generic and brand names like I had learned a foreign language perfectly. I failed my first year of Pharmacy studies twice in a row, partying like I had never partied before. I don’t think I was meant to be a pharmacist. However my love of medicine has never left me.

Meadowsweet is an example of the power of natural herbal medicine. Each plant medicine (like chamomile, or peppermint – which you will have heard of) has, in some cases, over 100 different plant chemicals working together to support health and wellbeing. Meadowsweet contains salicylic acid – a precursor to acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin). So both aspirin and meadowsweet can be used for pain relief, reducing fevers and inflammation. Whereas a side effect of the prolonged use of aspirin can be stomach ulcers, one of the main reasons meadowsweet is used is for treating stomach ulcers It contains natural plant chemicals that treat and support many bodily functions all at once.
Many pharmaceutical drugs are actually based on a natural medicinal herb, where one plant chemical has been isolated, and then made into a pill. So instead of getting the natural combination of many plant chemicals working together in a herb, you get just one chemical by itself.

If you remember the importance of The Golden Number – Phi; the number of love, then perhaps the plants contain a combination that the body can use, because the body is attuned to work well with all that is in harmony with it; that works with 1.618. Perhaps the combination of plant chemicals in plant medicine working together form a “perfect harmony” in nature; a Golden Spiral that the body knows how to use.

If you remember the amazing statistic that 99.99% of the human population could fit into the volume of a sugar cube, and that we are mainly space – or energy – it goes without saying that treating the energetic body is a more powerful form of healthcare. That is what homeopathy, EFT, Reiki, spiritual healing, ThetaHealing, kinesiology, acupuncture, shiatsu, and all forms of energetic medicine do. The physical body responds to what changes in the space within around a person when these forms of healing are used.

Science struggles to prove these forms of treatment are effective – because science often does not have the tools to do so – yet. Or the evidence that is out there has not made it into the mainstream yet. But there is plenty of evidence available – one of my favorites is a Gregg Braden video on YouTube that shows healers in China praying over a woman with cancer – and you can see the tumor on a scan literally reduce and vanish. Homeopathy took me by surprise – in fact the strongest physical response I have ever had to a medicine was from taking homeopathy.

High street pharmacies now sell – some even produce – natural remedies such as the herb echinacea, known to support the immune system – as standard, along with homeopathy and food supplements. Those of you who have sought alternative and complementary methods of healthcare have supported this change. Conventional doctors are training in acupuncture, and complimentary therapies are increasingly available in traditional western medicine hospitals.
How we produce and grow all that we use also matters. If we grow food because of a love of the food and what we do, the food is more likely to grow with the influence of that love – and within the parameters of the Golden Number, which the body recognizes and responds to. Food – like us – is mainly composed of water, and Dr Emoto’s work with water crystals shows the importance of all that we connect with being done from a place of love – with the Golden Mean of 1.618. Growing food organically, and in ways that are sustainable, is more likely to support the production of food that expresses Phi. Food grown for the sake of making money, without love, without a connection to nature, may not have access to the love that helps the water within form perfect geometry that the body recognizes as balancing and harmonizing. Of course, if the body comes across something that it recognizes as not good for it, it will do what it can to neutralize it – it will treat it as a foreign object.

There are other ways too that individuals – like you and me – have been changing the way that business works and the world is.

There was a huge outcry at the use of so-called “sweatshops” to produce clothing, often using child labor. Many companies have taken steps to demonstrate that they are more socially responsible. That is because we have been calling for it. Your vote at the polling station may not change big governance in any significant way, but your vote with that immensely powerful tool – money – is world-changing.

People often say “oh, but it is so expensive!”. We have lost touch with the true cost of producing food, with the drive to make everything cheaper. I made sure that my son and I ate an organic diet at home, even when I was on social security benefits. Lots of people questioned that with me. Aside from the fact the benefits don’t give you much to live on at all, we kind of rationed the food out – and I didn’t spend the money on very much else. I didn’t smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs, party, or buy clothes. I lived with one ill-fitting bra for a year, with an extra bra for another 2 years, most of my pants had holes in them, we often walked instead of getting the bus to save money on transport, but we ate organic and used cheaper chemical free toiletries and cleaning products as well as natural medicine. I have made a commitment to buy organic fair-trade clothes as much as possible for me and 100% for my son. I know it is possible, if that is what matters to you. I often exchange natural treatments – giving a treatment using a skill I have in return for one from a practitioner whose skills I don’t have.

Not having a lot of money doesn’t mean you have to give up on what matters to you. Your principles are your principles and your power is your power. Your buying power is immense.

Solar power, wind power, underground heating and cooling exchange systems for heating and cooling homes, and electric cars are all becoming increasingly popular, because people are choosing to find more sustainable ways of living well.

The shift in our values, and in our consciousness is causing massive changes in big business, that is growing. Meditation and yoga are now valued by many big corporations such as Apple, Yahoo, Google, Virgin to name a few – who provide these regularly for their staff. Paid time off work is given by many companies who wish to support their employees to give back to their local communities by doing voluntary work. Hewlett Packard ran a forgiveness programme for staff, and the ANZ Bank in Australia hired a woman named Sonja Stojanovic who openly aims to “bring more love into the workplace”. These companies realize that in order to be truly innovative, they have to empower their staff to feel truly at home, able to express their authenticity, and creativity and wholeness. That means creating happier workplaces. My guess is that Reiki attunements in the workplace aren’t far behind.
I really believe that it is through us changing what we value, that we influence the big companies – who have the power and resources to make big changes in how the world is run.

Energy flows where attention goes

You don’t just change the world by how you spend your money practically. You change the world because of where you put your attention. You are a powerful Creator in the world – so every time you spend your money, you are giving something your attention, intention and power. So what you put your money into grows more powerful. So, do you want to put your money and make more powerful those companies that destroy the planet, its animals and people? Or do you want to make more powerful those companies that love the Earth and love you? It’s your call. It’s in your power to change the world.

You literally are changing the big companies, how money is used, and how the world works. As my friend Magnus Tapping said, “Buy the change you wish to see in the world.” How you do so literally changes the world because you are a Creator and you are amazing. Ridiculous yachts, private planes, and big limousines won’t make people enjoy life more, and it sends out terrible messages to the people who work for them. It would be so much better if that money was spent in Africa – and it’s about getting a balance.
~ Richard Branson

Without question, the balance of power on the planet today lies in the hands of business. Corporations rival governments in wealth, influence, and power. Indeed, business all too often pulls the strings of government. Competing institutions-religion, the press, even the military-play subordinate roles in much of the world today. If a values-driven approach to business can begin to redirect this vast power toward more constructive ends than the simple accumulation of wealth, the human race and Planet Earth will have a fighting chance.
~ Ben Cohen


Write down your answers to the following questions.
– What are your values in relation to the world around you? (eg health, environment, kindness to animals)
– How do you take action now in your life, to express those values in your life?
– What other steps could you take to come closer to reflecting what matters to you?

Now make a commitment to follow at least three of those steps from now on as consistently as possible.

[1] Organic Trade Association’s 2011 Organic Industry Survey
[2] Packaged Facts 2012

Danica Apolline

Danica Apolline

Danica is an inspirational trainer, leader, author & visionary, empowering others to realise how awesome they are so they can choose how to live a life they love.

A leader in consciousness in business, she is founder of The Corporate Chrysalis, which supports organisations to connect with the amazing creativity and innovation within them.

Danica empowers others to connect with living wonderful lives through being authentic, whole, and connected to their infinite power, abundance and love in The Magic Keys. Her book "The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life" takes readers on a beautiful journey through love, healing, compassion, consciousness, and a unique understanding of Creation - connecting with our own infinite power.

Danica has also developed the accredited Spiritual Teacher’s Development Programme, bringing together her love of training trainers with her love of spiritual teaching. The Spiritual Teacher’s Handbook is published by O-Books.

Open, compassionate, but real and down-to-Earth, she brings together her many interests, including her many years as an inspirational trainer and facilitator with her profound experiences of a wide range of spiritual, psychic and intuitive disciplines. These include ThetaHealing®, Angelic Reiki, Angel Healing, Aura-Soma™ (colour healing system), and EFT, consciousness, empowerment, meditation, quantum physics, science, life between lives, numerology, herbal medicine, homeopathy and Bush flower remedies, as well as her own wonderful, and at times challenging, colourful series of life experiences, which she blends together with warmth, love and a touch of spirited cheeky humour.

Danica offers a range of empowerment and healing services, including talks & workshops, ThetaHealing®, Reiki & EFT sessions, and deep Transformation sessions to uncover the depths of an issue & transform it.




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