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Posted by on 30 Jul 2013 | 0 comments

Written in the Stars with Marsha Massino – August 2013

We’ve all seen horoscope columns written in magazines and newspapers, but how much do you really know about astrology? Have you ever wondered just how astrologers make their predictions? Inspired World astrologer Marsha Massino explains, month by month, continuing this month with the basics, plus what is going on astrologically right now and how it might affect you.

August will have a family feel to it – continuing the impact of the many planets in Cancer from July. Remember that Cancer’s energy is concerned with home, security, and Mother.

Mercury, Mars and Jupiter will continue on in Cancer, coloring our thinking and actions, leading some of us to make pronouncements about how we feel/think about mother, family and security of our homeland. Expect to see news about these topics during August.

The Leo New Moon in August occurs on the 6th at 4:51 pm CDT / 9:51 pm GMT

One focus of this New Moon is no doubt Leo/Cancer: courage, warmth and protection of home and children. If we can’t look out for and protect our children, the future of our society and our planet is doomed.

The energy of the Pluto-Uranus square is still in effect and will be into 2015. This is the energy of transformation of humanitarian rights. Riots, demonstrations and occupy movements started just before this square formed.

There are ongoing power plays between Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. I believe this will manifest in women in the US rising up against the male politicians who are attempting to roll back women’s reproductive rights.

Another aspect to consider for this New Moon is Neptune to Venus – perhaps a deceptive message about what is treasured or valued in foreign countries.

The Aquarius Full Moon in August occurs on the 20th at 8:45 pm CDT / 1:45 am GMT on 21 August.

The focus on home and security has passed somewhat. We’re now feeling unclear, perhaps somewhat bewildered and we may express this in sudden and dramatic ways. That’s the theme of this Full Moon. The energy is tense and dramatic. It’s like the clouds gathering before a large storm. You know it’s coming, you can feel the drama building and yet you can’t do anything but let it unfold in its own time.

Resist the urge to act in ways that you may regret later. Instead, focus the swell of emotions in positive ways in order to transform it. You could go for a run, clean out the garage, take a long walk, do something to push yourself physically until you feel the energy release.

Marsha Massino is an experienced and highly intuitive astrologer. Visit for more information.

Marsha Massino

Marsha has studied the art of astrology for over 30 years, and continues her study with Noel Tyl in his Master Astrology course. Marsha blends astrology with intuition, offering clients much more than a cookbook interpretation of their natal horoscope.  During a session you will not be overwhelmed with the jargon of astrology. Your chart interpretation will revolve around areas of life's patterns and conditioning:  parents, education, communication, resources, love...and more.

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