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Posted by on 4 Sep 2013 | 0 comments

Why Music Enhances Our Spiritual Growth

In addition to being a Spiritual Coach, I am a MUSE and sound healer. Did you know that the word Music came from the word Muse? One of the definitions of the word muse is “to meditate”. Listening to music is a meditation.

A muse inspires. Inspire means to be “in spirit”. Music connects us with our spirit. It bypasses our busy minds and allows our cells to feel the vibration.

If we listen to sad music…it can assist us in releasing emotions of sadness. If we listen to happy, uplifting music, we can feel our spirits lifting! If we listen to a powerful symphony we can be inspired into taking action. Listening to Bi-naural beats or conscious sound healings can take you to a higher level of awareness.

Scientific research has shown that using certain music during studying improves the student’s retention. In the 1960’s studies were done where beautiful classical music was played for plants and they grew faster than the ones which no music was played. Certain heavy rock music actually made the plants wilt and die.

So the next time you are feeling “disconnected” from your spirit, choose your music with intention…after all, music can be one of  your best teachers.


Faith Spina

Faith Spina

Faith Spina

Faith Spina is a Spiritual Midwife and Muse. Her calling is to help facilitate the soul's "unlearning" by guiding people to remember the TRUTH of who they are.
Faith is a "Teacher's" Teacher who focuses her energy on sharing the Mastery process with those who are ready to embody the truth of who they are.

She has written three books under the name of Vicki Spina. She has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, CNN and hundreds of television and radio shows around the world. Faith lives a magical life in Kauai in a sacred Mandala home with her wise cat Olivia.

Faith offers customized one on one coaching/sound healing/energy sessions.  In addition, she offers individual retreats to Kauai where she spends in-depth time with each person, taking them to sacred energy spots on the island and assisting them with integrating the Lemurian Consciousness. Faith also reads the Akashic Records and works with individuals multi-dimensionally to assist them in their awakening.

Faith can be reached through her "Bridge to Lemuria" page or email at
Faith Spina

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