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Posted by on 11 May 2016 | 0 comments

Treasure in the Hidden Depths

Swimming into depths most hidden
Realms of sacred treasure
Shadow quest divinely bidden
Riches beyond measure
Waiting beneath cities crumbled
Under walls of dust
Ego fallen quietly humbled
Unformed forms of lust
Gleaming pearls of heaven’s truth
Patiently abound
Secret trove of inner proof
Ready to be found
Dear one, let’s dive deeper now
Let us guide the way
Swim within, we’ll show you how
Beneath the waves let’s play


Lynda Mangoro

Lynda Mangoro

Lynda is the Inspired World founder and Editor in Chief. Lynda is an author, artist and mentor whose guiding intention with everything she creates is to inspire others to connect to their authentic selves and awaken to their true nature, so they too live deeply enriched, fulfilled and purposeful lives. Lynda’s creative gifts were evident from her early childhood, when even her teachers paid testament to her outstanding skills in both art and writing. She has always had an inquisitive nature and an intuitive sense that there is deeper meaning to life on Earth and through her own life journey she has come to understand that her creative gifts and her imagination are a gateway to a much larger part of herself; her true authentic creator self, the source from which we all come.
Lynda Mangoro

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