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Posted by on 1 May 2014 | 0 comments

Tips to Transform Your Money Story

I spent last night swapping Bars, that is, exchanging energy work with a friend and gifted facilitator and we got to talking about many things, as we always do. We happened upon the subject of MONEY, namely.. What’s really shifted and changed for me so positively around money.? There are so many things, but I wanted to share one of the key things with you as it may contribute to you changing your reality around money too.. Maybe even transform your money story completely like it did mine.

The One Big Thing that Changed My Reality Around Money.

I spent the majority of my life functioning from “JUST ENOUGH”… And, guess what? I became really good at generating money as a necessity, but I always received “just enough”. Just enough to pay the bills, pay the mortgage, pay for a meal out, or whatever it was that I had my focus on at the time. I would pretty much always be able to generate just enough. Then right before pay day arrived, I was always back down to, or very close to zero in my bank account.

And whenever things seemed to be looking up and it looked as though I’d have some surplus.. BAM! My car would break down, or another unexpected bill would come in and any surplus would all go on getting my car back on the road or paying the bill. Ouch!

Was I good at generating money? Yes!  But keeping it, HAVING IT..? Not so much. So what changed? When I stopped saying “I can’t afford it”. When I literally BANNED those (self-fulfilling) words from my vocabulary and stopped functioning from how much was actually in my bank account, that’s when money started to show up in my Universe. Crazy right? Back to front even. Actually, no.
Cause OR Effect?

Money is an effect NOT a cause. It it YOU who CAUSES money to show up in your bank account. It’s because of you that money is in your bank account in the first place. Because of your thoughts, decisions, choices and actions.

Read that last paragraph again. Better still write it down. Remember it.

You’ve heard that much repeated saying “The Definition of INSANITY Is Doing The Same Thing Again and Again and Expecting a Different Result.” – Albert Einstein

Me saying “I can’t afford it” again and again was definitely NOT getting me the result I wanted. So I decided to end the insanity and try something different for a change. Starting with not functioning from the limited place of how much money I could see in my bank account.

So will you choose to stop making money more significant than you and stop giving all the power over to money? Money doesn’t have power. It is YOU who has the power to create and generate money in your reality.

When you really get this you will find that you can create and generate as much money as you like. On demand if you choose.
Money Is NOT A Dirty Word!

Have you ever said (or even thought, or felt) that money is dirty? Either physically or energetically? Me too. But not any more.

Money is not a dirty word. Money is but a measure of the value you contribute. As well as your capacity to receive it. The question is.. Just how much are you willing to receive?

Are you ready to get intimate with money and change your money story? Are your thoughts, decisions, choices, actions and your words in alignment with what you say you want?

If money wasn’t an issue what would you choose?

What are you waiting for? 🙂

Much Love,


PS. If you’re ready to change your money story drop me a line and set up a Change Your Money Story call with me. I’ll show you how.

Linda Stewart

Linda Stewart

Linda is a holistic healer and transformation coach based in London.
She offers private sessions, practitioner classes and transformational retreats based on the life-altering modality she facilitates, Access Consciousness Bars. Linda’s personal experience of self-healing using complementary medicine over 20 years ago sparked within her a passion for alternative health and healing that led her to gaining a BSc in Complementary Therapies and studying numerous therapies and philosophies. They included Law of Attraction, Reiki healing and Thai yoga massage which she studied both in the UK and in northern Thailand. Today she facilitates a unique blend of energy work and simple tools to release limiting beliefs and behaviours and bring about positive change.
Linda runs a dedicated healing clinic for London and Surrey based charity, One in Four UK and is the founder of the Access Consciousness Bars London Meetup group.
Linda Stewart

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