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Posted by on 25 Apr 2016 | 1 comment

Time to grow

time to grow

So a little about me, my name’s Lulu Rose

I like to play about with spoken word and prose

I don’t use fancy words, I don’t use big lyrics

I want my message heard, and I want you to hear it

I want to up the notion that the motion is in gear

I want to spread feels of love not fear

I want to give ideas for a more connected society

I want to share thoughts towards our enlightening

I want to help spread the positive vibes

I want to unite us in one rainbow tribe

I want to up your creativity

I want to encourage spontaneity,

Happiness, love, real communication

I want us to be proud that we belong to this nation

Smile at a stranger at least 10 times a day

Give a waiting driver the right of way

Give a little of what you have to a non-profit charity

That might help to save your sanity

Be kind to operators working the phone

Buy a sandwich for someone who doesn’t have a home

Smile especially when someone else is smiling

Rethink about what needs prioritising

Once in a while, buy a big issue mag

Try not to let the little things make you mad

I appreciate it’s so hard to live in the present

But see beauty in the small things, each moment is a lesson

I know it’s hard to live every day like your last

I know it’s difficult to let go of your past

But we’re souls with purpose and temporary bodies

We’re all pretty amazing, we’re all pretty Godly

We’re Gods realising we’re Gods

Realising we’re Gods

Realising we’re Gods


What are the odds?

Lulu Rose

Lulu Rose

Lulu Rose started writing poetry whilst training to be a Primary School
teacher, in order to present curriculum topics to her students in new,
alternative and exciting ways. Writing for Lulu was one way of tackling
the overarching issues presented in the Education system of today, and
Lulu¹s poetry soon expanded into a means of addressing all issues that so
many of us can relate to, from governments to religion to addiction to
animal captivity. Lulu Rose intends to play an uplifting spin on every
poem she writes, turning all negatives into positives, intending to
inspire, unite and motivate every person she comes into contact with.
Lulu Rose's Spoken Word intends to connect you with the message and with
each other, lifting you up with hope, love and a reminder that we are all
connected, all in this together, all able of change and transformation.
Lulu Rose

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  1. very nice

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