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The 10 Second Philosophy by Derek Mills (part 4 of 4)

Enjoy the final part of Alison’s conversation with Derek Mills, author of The 10 Second Philosophy – A Practical Guide to Releasing Your Inner Genius. For more information please visit: and pop over to his facebook page to say hello.

How do you define success?

True success is discovering and revealing to yourself who you truly are and what you truly are. We have this light, we have this energy, we have this love and gifts and abilities and talents and wisdom and we are linked to the whole universe. Everything is energy and we cannot, from a spiritual point of view or from a physics point of view, separate from the fact that everything is energy. I believe that every one of us has that True Self, that part of the universe, inside of us. And here’s what success and happiness is to me …. discovering day by day what’s inside of you and then sharing that with the rest of the world. How do you become happy, how do you be happy? Well find out who you are and whatever you discover is inside of you, be that, do that in the world. I’ve got a chapter on this called Realised Squared and to me this is where we get happiness and success from. It says I don’t care whether you’re 69, or 29, or 19, or 9 spend the rest of your years on this planet looking inside of you, realising what’s inside of you.The second realisation is: the multiplier comes when we spend our time making real that which we discover about ourselves. Realise it, make it real in the world.

You see none of us have to wait for 20 years to be happy. You can start living as you today, therefore be happy today, and what you do will benefit your world, your community, your family today. Your happiness is a now experience, this is one of the key messages. When we are our true selves, looking inside and discovering who you are and then being that person, we are happy because that’s what we came here to do. And here’s a way to be unhappy for the rest of your life… only do what the world thinks you should do and don’t discover what’s truly inside of you, if you want to be truly unhappy don’t live as your True Self, live as your non-self.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we choose unhappiness when we can choose happiness.

And also it’s about the hows – how to become happy. A very high income individual came to me, because, he wanted to significantly multiply his income. He thought if I can work harder and do more business then I’ll be happy and successful. We went through a process. I thought to myself I’ll let him discover this rather than just telling him. So we helped him set some new standards in his life – career, family, relationships and things, and we did the work. He only set them because he wanted to have more money and to be one of the top people in his company within the following year. Session 2 he came back and he said, ‘Derek, something really interesting is happening here, I’m with my son in the car and I feel this real connection with him, I can understand who he really is and we’re having this really great conversation that we’ve never had. With my wife I’m beginning to give her space in our life and I have time for her instead of rowing. I’m now stopping and appreciating her and being my authentic self and with my clients I’ve set these new standards around how we have to respect each other and treat each other. I just feel more me, I feel happier.’

And really that was the key. Because standards don’t just give us a practical approach to being our True Self, the setting of standards helps us to go further inside our True Selves and to experiences ourselves from who we truly are. So he came back saying he felt more authentic, more balanced, more centered, and more connected to others. Now the backend of that story, last year with him being a more authentic, balanced, centred and more connected to others, guess what?

He earned more money?

Weird isn’t it. The best year yet.

So once we’ve set our standards, how does The 10 Second Philosophy fit in to guide us on our journey?

The philosophy for me had to be a complete one, a practical thing but also knowing that there’s far more to setting standards. For the philosophy, and this was around what we mentioned before, that the universe is constantly giving us signals.

If ever during the day, or maybe many times throughout the day,something causes us to

pause, I believe that the universe, that we’re part of, is giving us a message and we can take that word or that question or that phrase or that idea and let it sink inside for a few seconds maybe even longer than 10 seconds, and see what it means for us on the inside. It’s as if to say, let the key messages, the things that come to you from outside of you, allow you to go inside to discover what it means for you, When I say what it means for you, it’s what it means for your True Self, but we only access that place when we stop and take those seconds to just pause, let it sink in. And the final part of that, is that once you get that thing to take on the inside is to absolutely make sure you follow through on whatever guidance of wisdom or action come from that place.

What’s really important here, having worked with so many people now around this, is how to use this philosophy. Setting standards is easy because it’s very practical, but I say pay attention to the universe. It’s constantly giving you words, thoughts, questions, it could be in an advert, you might be writing something on your notebook, and as you’re writing a word, someone on the radio says the same words. Simple messages from the universe, saying, ‘Come on, wake up, pay attention,’ and you are part of the universal machine and the whole machine tries to support the rest of the machine. So when someone gives you a question that causes you to stop and pause don’t just walk on, that’s your pot of gold, that where you need to stop and pause and go, ‘hold on a second, this should be a 10 second moment. Whatever comes from that place, save that word, do the deed, turn left instead of right, call that person, whatever it might be.I began to follow my self and trust my intuition, on the small things first, then the bigger things and it’s as if the more I trusted myself and followed the messages and guidance from within, my True Self gave me more and more.

People often say to me now, ‘Well how did you get that opportunity?’ Let me tell you. I began to trust the universe to give me the messages that come from within. When it takes me inside I go with it I allow myself to go inside almost like a mini meditation and then for the final repetition I take action from that place and that has made all the difference. Sometimes I meet people who talk about synchronicity and coincidences. And I say just for a while let go of all of that and just follow through with your intuition.

You talk a lot about connectivity, which is very interesting. The way that we’re all connected, and it’s give and take. You can’t expect everything to just come your way. I don’t think we can ever really know the effect of just a smile that we might give to somebody, we can never know what effect that has. We just have to trust.

The 10 Second Philosophy refers to this in the law of connection. It says we are all one body and if you were the left hand and I were the right hand, or if you were the heart and I was the feet, all parts work to support one another. All get nourished. If I’m standing here today and I’m thirsty and my glass is out of reach I extend my hand or my feet walk my hand to the glass. Without having to ask or to go into a debate or discussion or having a treaty set up. I stretch my hand and my feet just walk me to the glass everything is supporting one another and when I drink the liquid my stomach takes time to distribute the liquid to every extremity of my body. All parts serving the other. And when I talk about that, when we begin to remember, because we do know this, when the world begins to remember that we’re all part of one thing we can see a massive reduction in war and conflicts and other things because we’re going to think ‘hold on a second if my hand suffers eventually my body will suffer, if I’m thirsty all me will collapse at one point, my throat won’t be just dry my body will fall over. So we begin to pay attention to we’re all part of this one thing. When we remember that, when we honour that truth we’ll begin to look after one another in a different way. And that’s what I hope.

Before we end, can you to say something to the readers that will help them to live the best possible life today?

In each of us there is this truth. What I’ll share with you today is that your truth is more powerful than courage. If we just dare to live and be our True Self we won’t need any courage if we want to change our lives it won’t take courage it just takes your truth, so while all the teachers may say this takes courage I don’t believe it does. It just takes you being you and finding the truth and you being that truth, no courage required. And others will say you need willpower to stick at this and to force it through and to keep fighting etc. Just be your truth because your truth is more important than will power, your truth is more powerful that your will power. So just go with your truth and you’ll find that you don’t need courage, you won’t need will power to find your way to happiness and success. Your truth is the thing that will set you free. I ask you, I urge you, encourage you to begin to be and live your truth and that will change you and when you change, everything will change for you.

Read the three previous parts of our series with Derek on Derek would love to hear about your 10 Second Moments over on his facebook page

Pop over and say hello!


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Alison Wylie

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