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Posted by on 15 Jun 2018 | 0 comments

Take a Moment: Poetry and Art by Rich Okun

Stormy Monday Morn

“The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper” – Yates


Looking out

my bedroom window     

on a stormy

Monday morn, 

my mind cascades

mnemonic images 

back to the day I was born.


on the window pane

not so tightly hold,

and give rise to thoughts

of joy and pain

in days of young and old.

Their oval shapes amass

then surrender to

streak down the glass,

reminding me 

something needs to change.

And truth be told,

it seemed kind-of strange,

that a raindrop

could be so bold 

as to be smarter than me,

when it comes to

letting go and letting be.

In that pensive repose,

a knowing feeling arose;

a change in consciousness

is a change of expression,

and my awareness 

is the only true

fixity in my possession.

So now,

I look in the mirror

it couldn’t be any clearer;

for in my eye’s reflection, 

I go to where

the infinite will grow

into another world

that, I intimately know.

Go restful within,  

forget dramatic plots,

and simply become,

the change of things.

Life may be fluid, 

but its all tied up in knots

and kept down and out,

by emotional strings.



Rich spent his professional life in various corporate positions. He was the youngest member of the Art Students’ League of New York, and after many years and diverse careers, he now devotes his focus to creative passions. Having lived a lifetime studying many different ancient spiritual belief systems, he was inspired to action when a new little puppy, Maya came to town. He has developed a unique format of quote/poem/illustration using Maya as his muse specifically to help children of all ages understand spiritual and moral issues and to closen the relationships within the family. He is taking storytelling to the next level and these daily meditations can also awaken the child in you.. Rich lives in Connecticut with his wonderful wife, four cats, lots of other animals and Maya.
Rich has 4 published books which he authored and illustrated you can find them all at or the Books tab on his site

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