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Posted by on 13 Jul 2018 | 0 comments

Take a Moment: Art and Poetry with Rich Okun

The Traveler

I’ve traveled

the world over,

and of all the places

I’ve ever been,

none is better

than deep, deep,

deeper, within.

I can think of

no journey that

is any sweeter

or greater,  

than learning your

now, then and later.


be I quiet and still,

to travel that swirl, 

down and around

in a spiraling fashion,

to just be, 


I’ve found,

with my all

consuming passion,

that the journey is me.



Rich spent his professional life in various corporate positions. He was the youngest member of the Art Students’ League of New York, and after many years and diverse careers, he now devotes his focus to creative passions. Having lived a lifetime studying many different ancient spiritual belief systems, he was inspired to action when a new little puppy, Maya came to town. He has developed a unique format of quote/poem/illustration using Maya as his muse specifically to help children of all ages understand spiritual and moral issues and to closen the relationships within the family. He is taking storytelling to the next level and these daily meditations can also awaken the child in you.. Rich lives in Connecticut with his wonderful wife, four cats, lots of other animals and Maya.
Rich has 4 published books which he authored and illustrated you can find them all at or the Books tab on his site

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