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Posted by on 1 May 2014 | 0 comments

SHREE BOSE – Cancer Cell Research Pioneer

shree bose

An Inspirational Young Lady who bravely stepped beyond what she knew in order to discover what she could do!

It is always a complete joy to watch a young person break the mould and go beyond their own expectations, and everyone else’s.  To stretch their imagination and never stop asking questions in order to create their own magic and story!  Well that’s exactly what Shree Bose did and is still doing today at Harvard University.

I am delighted to share Shree’s story but I also think it is important though to acknowledge the people who help encourage and develop young inspirational people of today. In Shree’s Life she had incredible people who did just that which helped her on her remarkable pathway.  Shrees parents moved to USA to start a new life for her and her family and that’s exactly what happened. They wanted the best and a big congratulations to them as that is what they achieved.

Her father taught her to go for her dreams and luckily did not take the advice of teachers to “dumb him down”, when her brother continued to ask questions in class, instead they stepped up and taught their son everything he wished to know, which in turn inspired Shree in the Science field.  By listening to their hearts they took inspired action and created a new way of learning! Amazing really when teachers don’t teach and parents step up and open up the field of dreams for their children.

I will always maintain that as parents our role is vital in developing the young people of today. We are here to guide and tune into our children in order to get them onto the right pathway. Congratulations to Shree’s family for supporting their children’s dreams and to Shree for inspiring us in so many ways! Not only did she win Google Global Science Fair 2011 she has also won Glamour Magazine young woman of the year and met President Obama! Shree never set out to achieve these goals but these are the golden nuggets that happen when we tune into our passions and go beyond our expectations.

Shree’s grandfather passed away and she believed that cancer cells develop a resistance to chemotherapy drugs and she set out to achieve a way to help people. That’s exactly what Shree did. She is a beautiful inspirational young lady and definitely someone to watch! Shree knows and understands at her young age one of the most vital things we should all know and follow. Find something that you are passionate about, a field that you love and stick with it, as that is where the gold is! That is exactly what I encourage my children to do! Follow your dreams and be passionate about them, not what you think you should do! I am so delighted that Shree didn’t stop dreaming and stepping outside her box! I am delighted to share with Inspired World Readers Shree’s incredible achievements which I know will inspire you all!

Can you tell Inspired World readers how you first became interested in Science?

I’ve been fascinated with science from a pretty young age, ever since I was in elementary and my older brother, Pinaki, would come home and explain what he learned in science class. It was really his way of explaining atoms and cells and these small pieces that made up our world that made me fall in love with science and using it to understand the world around us. That same sense of wonder that he passed onto me as a little kid is the same wonder and fascination I have tried to maintain in all of my work – even today.

Have your family supported you along the way?

My family has been my biggest support along the way. My brother, an absolutely brilliant individual has guided me, not only in my career interests but also throughout my life. My parents have also been incredible: my mom who has supported me in everything I have done and my dad who made a whole new life in the USA and always encouraged my brother and me to find our own dreams and follow what we were passionate about.

What are your passions?

I would have so say that possibly my greatest passion is using cell biology and a deep understanding of the fundamental unit of life to impact people in a meaningful sort of way – to benefit those around me. But I also think that it’s incredibly important to communicate what this means to the world, which is why I’ve grown to be passionate about the field of science communications and education.

What inspired you to do the cancer research?

I have so many sources of inspiration; it’s difficult to say just one. But the first one that would come to mind would be my parents: my mom who has supported me in everything I have done and my dad who made a whole new life in the USA and always encouraged my brother and me to find our own dreams and follow what we were passionate about. I don’t think I can ever thank them enough, but they inspire me every day.

Can you tell us about your journey?

The summer after my freshman year, my grandfather passed away due to cancer, and I just became really determined to do cancer research. I had just had freshman level biology and realised I loved cellular biology also, so I started emailing professors in my area asking for them to work under their supervision in their labs. And I got rejected by most, except for Dr. Alakananda Basu at the UNTHSC in Fort Worth who allowed me to come in and work under her guidance for two summers. My second summer I had the opportunity to work on my project on drug resistance in ovarian cancer, and after my dad encouraged me to submit to the new Google Science Fair, I was incredibly honored to be selected as one of the 15 finalists. At Google HQ in Mountain View, I met so many motivated, incredible other finalists and I was shocked and so honored to be selected as the Grand Prize winner. And since then, I’ve just had a whirlwind of incredible experiences, including giving 4 TEDx Talks and getting to meet President Obama twice. It’s really just been an incredible blessing.

What was it like to win the Google science prize?

I think standing on the stage at the Google Science Fair was really the moment when I realised that being involved in science and research and following what I really loved could lead to recognition on an international platform. I think, for me, that entire surreal experience was just a moment to realize how many people had made my efforts possible.

What are you studying in college now?

I’m currently studying molecular and cellular biology at Harvard University with a minor in Global Health and Health Policy. I’m currently a sophomore.

What are you doing at present?

At the present, I’m a full-time sophomore at Harvard studying molecular and cellular biology. I’m also involved with a lab at Massachusetts General under the guidance of Dr. Raul Mostoslavsky which focuses on work with sirtuin proteins which are fascinating.

What are your plans for the future?

I would love to find a career that allows me to impact people in a positive way – either as a doctor or perhaps in a career in research. But I also would love to be able to meld that with my interests in passing on my love for science to the public through effective communication and education. I guess we’ll see!

Darryl Anne Cole

Darryl Anne Cole

Darryl Anne Mooney lives In East Sussex with her Four Children and  dog Lola. Darryl is passionate about teaching children about angels and the importance of love and self worth. She has been inspired by her own life journey and the incredible valuable lessons she has learned along the way. Through experiencing many challenges, Darryl has transformed her life from sadness and negativity to a life filled with love and joy. Darryl now enjoys mentoring and inspiring people to do the same through the power of love and self belief. Darryl’s is delighted to inspire children through her books and toys and  wishes to bring love and healing to children all over the world.
Darryl Anne Cole

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