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Posted by on 30 Jul 2013 | 0 comments

Shimlaya – Higher Wisdom Channelled

There is a healer in each and every one of you, this healer is not separate from you but merely an expression of the love that you are.  Many times throughout your day you are presented with opportunities to extend this true love by revealing yourself freely and refreshing in each of your encounters. Ah yes i say refreshingly as allowing patterns of formed responses to drop away opens you to a whole new way of interacting with your fellow travellers.  In showing yourself you send out a clear message of ‘I am here, I see you, i hear you, I value you’ and all are gifted simply by being in your sacred presence.
Ah the freedom you grant yourself when you drop out of habitual replies and fully engage with those that you spend time with, be it a fleeting moment or of a longer duration. I smile as i tell you that You have touched more lives than you know, so yes let the lives you touch do justice to the loving empowered truth of your being. It is you that is needed, the true you. How revitalizing it is to drop tension forming presence and be to simply  be your self. How liberated you are! And what a beautiful example of authentic engagement. I smile and say yes when you drop your defences and undo the wrapping of business you may feel vulnerable or exposed, but you also give space for your greater love and inner strength to shine through. You can then begin to hear what has been unspoken, extending love. You also open yourself to new dimension of your being and can discover more about yourself and your sacred purpose.
Did you know that You have unknowingly restored fleeting trust within others with a kind nod, smile, a timely response or sharing  a brighter way of viewing your world. What a blessing you are! What freedom you experience after daring to liberate yourself and allow yourself to not only be seen, but to see others too! Ah yes, what now is possible with your connections with others? Who will you be drawn to? and in some cases away from? but do not worry about this part, I and others will still be with them. i encourage you along this path and ask that you be patient dear one, it takes self encouragement to empower you, and of course forgiveness if you find yourself slipping into the older way of being.
You are a part of the worlds unfolding and can help align it to one of greater love.  The actions you take throughout your day are preceded by you thoughts.  Do you see the immense value of becoming not only more aware of them, but choosing ones that help to life your feelings and of course inspire your actions? Again i smile and say it simply takes committed practice. I see how important you are. Your world can be transformed by the true you, by your Being a lover in thought, word and action. By clearing your thought forms you naturally lift your emotions to ones of greater enjoyment and you begin to see more clearly. What then would you enjoy? What then would you be inspired to do, change or move into? I smile and say whatever you do, will assist the world unfolding. So then choose Joy and other delightful feelings so they can flow from you helping not only shape your day, your week, your life but wash others with your empowered way of being. What an inspiring way to live! Be reassured, i do not speak of ignoring pain or others calling of love, but not to live in them for too long. Address them, listen to them and respond with libarating love. So yes, stand in all your glory, in all your nakedness by daring to gently strip away the layers of mistrust, unforgiveness, shame and liberate the true you that wishes to be known. I smile and say you sense the truth, it is time.

In Love
Channelled by Katie Speed

Katie Speed

Katie Speed

Katie is a gifted channel from a rural town in Staffordshire UK. She’s been living and working with the awareness of angels since 2001, after late one night when a very tall and dazzlingly bright angel appeared illuminating the dark room she was in and started the re- awakening her childhood gifts. Since then, she’s trained in different healing modalities before going on to work as an intuitive coach and facilitate angelic and soul centred workshops. Katie fully embraces her gifts of channelling and works closely with Shimlaya, a beautiful evolved being of divine consciousness that speaks through her. Together their work continues to evolve so that they can be of greater assistance to others through personal readings, group readings, writings and teaching.

Katie Speed

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