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Raising Our Vibrations

LindaSArticleRaising Our Vibrations with Linda Stewart


We hear it all the time, that its good to Raise our Vibration, and instinctively we understand. Or do we? Here’s some insight into what Raising our Vibration actually means, where the idea comes from, why we’d want to raise ours and how we can go about doing so.


The Map of Consciousness


The Map of Consciousness, was developed by the late Dr David Hawkins, and is detailed in his international bestselling book titled, Power versus Force: the hidden determinants of human behaviour (1995).


The Map of Consciousness, is a scale which literally maps out the different levels of human consciousness.


Each level on the scale is measurable and has a frequency or vibration of energy ranging from 0-1000. Hence the term raising our vibration {to the higher frequencies}. The specific frequencies through the levels were determined, tested and calibrated on thousands of patients, during over 20 years of painstaking research using kinesiology or muscle testing.


In simple terms Dr Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness can tell us, based on our emotions, exactly where we are on the scale. An individual’s level of consciousness however is not a pure state and a person may function on different levels in different areas of their life. So ones’s level of consciousness is actually the total effect of the various levels combined.


At the lower end of the scale, are the lower vibrating energies or emotions such as Shame, Blame, Guilt, Fear and Anger. The upper end of the scale is where the more positive energies or emotions sit and includes as you might imagine Peace, Love, Joy, Serenity, Bliss. The higher vibrations have a positive and healing effect on the world.


So when we talk of raising our vibration our aim is to always move up through the levels of the scale to higher levels of consciousness.


The Vibration of Love


Love, is said to be the level of true happiness. Incidentally, Love calibrates at 500 on the Map of Consciousness, but, astonishingly only 0.4 % of the human population is said to truly reach this level of evolution of consciousness.


The 500 level is characterised by the development of a Love that is unconditional, unchanging, and permanent. It doesn’t fluctuate – its source isn’t dependent on external factors. Loving is a state of being. It’s a forgiving, nurturing and supportive way of relating to the world. Love isn’t intellectual and doesn’t proceed from the mind; Love emanates from the heart. It has the capacity to lift others and accomplish great feats because of its purity of motive”.


The vibration of Love, as defined by the Map of Consciousness, cannot exist where there is judgement or negativity.


Love focusses on the goodness of life in all its expressions and augments that which is positive – it dissolves negativity by re contextualising it, rather than by attacking it”.


Examples of some of the lower vibrating energies and their frequency on the Map of Consciousness


Courage – 200

Anger – 150

Fear – 100

Guilt – 30

Shame – 20


The collective level of consciousness of mankind is said to be slightly above the 200 mark. Below 200, people see themselves as powerless, as victims to the circumstances of life. People at the level of 250 {Neutrality} and above are more flexible, less judgemental and have little interest in conflict, competition or guilt. At 350 is Acceptance, the level of awareness in which “a major transformation takes place, with the understanding that one is both the source and creator of the experience of ones life”.


Higher vibration energies and their frequencies.


700 – 1000 Enlightenment

600 – Peace

540 – Joy {also the level of HEALING and GRATITUDE}

500 – Love


Levels of 540 and above are seen in Saints, advanced spiritual students and healers who are likely to be capable of great patience, an unwavering positive attitude and compassion even in times of prolonged adversity.


Additional vibrational scales


There are a number of alternative versions of the Map of Consciousness, including those found in the writing of Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction.


Practical applications of consciousness scales


There are numerous practical applications, one being in holistic practice. For example, using kinesiology and a simple yes/no response to calibrate the correct level or frequency, a practitioner can not only confirm a diagnosis, but also measure if a treatment or nutritional supplement is a vibrational match for the patient or client. Once a “correct” supplement is ascertained, the practitioner using further kinesiology testing, can even determine the correct dosage that is required.


On a individual and personal level the scale can act as a useful tool for increased self-awareness and can in turn act as a catalyst or motivation to consciously raise ones vibration to increasingly higher levels of consciousness. I have personally, and very powerfully used a version of this transformational tool {The comprehensive emotional scale} in the instance of depression and regularly share it with clients.


Vibrant health follows alignment with high energy attractor patterns; alignment with weak patterns results in disease”. High power attractor energy patterns have a positive effect physiologically on the brain endorphins, immune response and organs.


Simple ways to Consciously Raise your vibration


1. Awareness. Be aware of your state of consciousness. Have the scale somewhere handy, perhaps pinned up on your wall and notice at which level you are functioning from at any given moment. Note where you are on the scale. What’s above and below where you are? Are you happy to be where you currently are? What would it take for you to move up? Wherever you are, don’t use it as a tool to make yourself wrong. After all, judgement, including self-judgement are relatively low on the scale {less than 200}.


2. Practice GRATITUDE. As mentioned, gratitude is a high-vibration energy equal in frequency to the vibration of JOY. Gratitude can have a positive and profound impact on our mood and state of Being. It’s also a highly attractive {as in magnetic} energy for more of what we want in our lives.


3. Stay out of the negative. When something you don’t care for happens, don’t get stuck on that energy. Instead focus on what you want, what you’d like to replace it with. Choose empowering thoughts. Clear emotional blocks and negative beliefs with personal development or energy work.


4. Have COMPASSION for everyone you encounter, including yourself. Love and help others wherever you can. Be a CONTRIBUTION to others and to the planet. Send out only positive, loving thoughts and energy so that you and those around you will feel the positive benefits.


5. Read David Hawkins’ book, Power vs Force. Believe it or not it’s said that reading the book has been shown to raise ones level of consciousness by an average of 35 points!




~ Hawkins, David R: Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour, Hay House (1995)

~ For further information on the work of Dr David R Hawkins and to review his remarkable biography visit You can also view several of his interviews, including his fascinating interviews with Oprah on YouTube.

~ The emotional guidance scale : Abraham Hicks: Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires Hay House (2004)

~ The comprehensive emotional scale The Law of Attraction Training Centre :





Linda Stewart

Linda Stewart

Linda is a holistic healer and transformation coach based in London.
She offers private sessions, practitioner classes and transformational retreats based on the life-altering modality she facilitates, Access Consciousness Bars. Linda’s personal experience of self-healing using complementary medicine over 20 years ago sparked within her a passion for alternative health and healing that led her to gaining a BSc in Complementary Therapies and studying numerous therapies and philosophies. They included Law of Attraction, Reiki healing and Thai yoga massage which she studied both in the UK and in northern Thailand. Today she facilitates a unique blend of energy work and simple tools to release limiting beliefs and behaviours and bring about positive change.
Linda runs a dedicated healing clinic for London and Surrey based charity, One in Four UK and is the founder of the Access Consciousness Bars London Meetup group.
Linda Stewart

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