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Posted by on 26 Sep 2018 | 0 comments

Quantum Jump into Your Highest Potential

It’s A Gift 🎁

by Jo De Rosa

I’ve blogged many times about the quantum conspiring FOR you
And today I’d like to share a practice I do to encourage this belief
What if EVERYTHING that is given to you is for your highest good
Could you get your head around that
Would you believe it?

In meditation we learn how to drop down out of our heads
And into our hearts
We begin to hear and listen to the language of our truth
And live from this surrendered place

It is different from living from the head
Where we act, speak, and think through the filters of our conditioning
And in the beginning we don’t even have any idea that we are doing this

But in meditation, once we get used to trusting the voice of our heart, in this safe sacred space
We then have the opportunity for this to spill out
For us to see that life isn’t against us
Nobody has it in for us
And that we have choice every step along the way

The ocean meditation concept, that I have practiced myself and shared with my students for nearly 20 years, allows me to drop down from the drama and into my truth in any situation. It’s a method that is so ‘normal’ for me now that it’s automatic. And this is the power of repetition; WHATEVER you reaffirm over and over again WILL become your reality:

I am a victim I am a victim I am a victim I am a victim I am a victim I am a victim
Guess what
You’ll be a victim, because you have trained yourself in victim mentality

I am powerful I am powerful I am powerful I am powerful I am powerful
Guess what
You’ll be powerful, because you have trained yourself in powerful mentality

It’s a gift It’s a gift It’s a gift It’s a gift It’s a gift It’s a gift It’s a gift It’s a gift
Guess what
Life will be a gift, because you have trained in life is a gift mentality

The Technique

Try this for today and see how it goes, and what happens
Journal your feelings, reactions, and manifestations during, and most importantly, at the end of the day.
Whatever you experience today say out loud, or in your head if you’re in company:

“It’s A Gift” 

So you get up and think that your home, your bed, a good/bad nights sleep, your family, your pet is a gift
You make yourself coffee, use the bathroom, and put the TV/internet on saying it’s a gift
You get ready for work/your day all the while thinking that your shower, the clothes you’re putting on, breakfast that you’re eating is a gift
As you get into your car, drive to work/the store, get cut up by another driver, caught at a red light, you keep saying out loud,

“It’s A Gift”

The good
The bad
The delightful
The annoying
It’s all there FOR you
To learn something
Evolve somehow
The whole world is in your hands
& there is something you are being presented in each moment
Do you see it?
Do you notice?
Are you aware?

As you move through your day having lunch, speaking to someone on the phone, receiving an email, witnessing a person having some sort of meltdown, your meditation practice, having a nice cup of tea; each and every experience saying,

“It’s A Gift” 

What is going to happen do you think if you do this all day?
How do you think your life will change if you did this all day EVERY day?
Let me know what happens!
I’ve been using this technique and it has transformed my life
Life is a gift
We are so lucky to be bestowed it
Can we fully and truly and deeply honour it
By opening our eyes
And gratefully receiving every single morsel of it…

Jo De Rosa

Jo De Rosa

Jo De Rosa has been on a quest for self-realisation for over 20 years and has been writing about her journey pretty much throughout that time. As the founder and director of both Inner Guidance Retreat Centre ( and Quantum Sobriety (, she guides others through their own inner path via yoga, meditation, clean eating and the art of self-care. She has written two books, tours the country delivering workshops, and holds numerous retreats in Suffolk every month.

Jo De Rosa

"Choose the reality where you've never been addicted"

Jo De Rosa

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