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Posted by on 9 Jul 2018 | 0 comments

Quantum Jump into Your Highest Potential

The First Hurdle¬†ūüŹÉ

by Jo De Rosa

It seems almost cruel how easy sobriety is now for me as I guide those with their feet first on the path. The struggle is so great and the understanding not yet quite clear, and I see the newbies stumbling around in their old conditioned thoughts of conflict and drama.

I wish that I could transport you into your mind six or eight months down the line, just for a day, so that you could see how effortless sobriety can be. For once you truly take on board the fact that the internal shifts create the outer changes, you can forge ahead and create the life of your dreams. Just like I have:

  • Alcohol Addiction to Freedom
  • Bankruptcy to Financial Security
  • Abusive Relationship to Loving Marriage
  • 9 to 5 Job to Living My Purpose
  • Eating Crap to¬†Wanting¬†To Eat Healthily

It’s all possible, all of it.
But ONLY if you first believe it.
And that is the trick, the million dollar question, the conundrum, most peoples sticking point: they don’t¬†believe¬†they can have it.

Successful people believe they can be successful:

  • The olympic athlete believes in training they can be first over the finish line
  • The flourishing¬†entrepreneur gets up early everyday to get on top of their business
  • The musician practices everyday in the belief that they will master the new piece

Each have a formula for success whether that be practicing the piano for an hour each morning, training at the gym every day, or getting into the office by 9 to get on top of things.

Successfully sober people have it easy because they’ve worked out their formula and life gets easier and easier, and then once you’re at this point you’ll be looking at those just starting out thinking, as I do,¬†how cruel it is when you meet your first challenge.

In our newfound sobriety we also need a formula that works for us, a plan; we need to get organised and prepared!

And once we have an outline of what we are going to do instead of drinking / drugging / binge-eating we can easefully fall into this framework and glide into our new sober life.

It’s all about creating a new habit, and then that habit becomes your new normal = and totally beautifully¬†effortless.

We’ve all done this so many times before:

  • Driving a new car
  • Speaking a new language
  • Living in a new house
  • Holidaying in a different country for the first time
  • A new job

The list is endless of things we’ve done in our lives that at first were uncomfortable and difficult, but once eased into, effortless and normal. This is how expansion happens; we keep creating new normals but they are bigger and bigger, more and more out of our original comfort zone. And at some point we look back and realise that we have become almost a new person, and the old you that struggled so much is a distant memory.


So that they can lift us up.
But we have to be willing to stretch ourselves.
To grow.
To change.
To evolve.

Jo De Rosa

Jo De Rosa

Jo De Rosa has been on a quest for self-realisation for over 20 years and has been writing about her journey pretty much throughout that time. As the founder and director of both Inner Guidance Retreat Centre ( and Quantum Sobriety (, she guides others through their own inner path via yoga, meditation, clean eating and the art of self-care. She has written two books, tours the country delivering workshops, and holds numerous retreats in Suffolk every month.

Jo De Rosa

"Choose the reality where you've never been addicted"

Jo De Rosa

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