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Posted by on 27 Apr 2016 | 0 comments


IMG_3790 copy


Is a place

Where hope

& purpose

Have been


A barren desert

Of despair

Alone you breathe

The stagnant air.

The haunted building,

This mausoleum

Where shards of light

Make cobwebs


With Each dead end

You slowly die

Until your soul



Open the windows

Let in the light

Don’t shut

Out the world

Don’t give up

The fight.

Purgatory is

Alive & well

Look to the mind

where it does


©Fiona Faery

Fiona Faery

Fiona Faery

Fiona Faery is an Irish Psychic Medium who unites people regularly with their loved ones in spirit & also offers psychic guidance with her Faery oracle card readings. She is a regular on Irish radio & has monthly columns in various publications. Fiona is known for her optimistic no-nonsense approach to life. She teaches workshops on mediumship and helps 'baby' mediums build their confidence & step into their power. Her spiritual poetry has found a home on her Facebook page; Fiona Faery where she posts a daily poem. Her poetry is aimed to motivate & empower, as Fiona believes in helping people connect with their soul purpose.She reads internationally through her website which will be relaunched in July.
Fiona Faery

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