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Posted by on 6 Jun 2018 | 0 comments

Pause for Thought




The online Cambridge dictionary says:

nice: adjective (KIND)

 kind, friendly, or polite:

It is my opinion that nice is the most underrated quality there is. Achievement, attainment, ambition, intelligence, bravery, honesty… all laudable attributes and all (rightly) celebrated. Nice however is seen as a bit of a derogatory term. The one that is the poor cousin to the words above.


Am I alone in thinking that being labelled nice is a wonderful thing?

It’s not spotlight grabbing, it’s quiet, it’s a word that is overlooked. It’s still my favourite attribute though and wouldn’t the world be a better place if it was filled with nice people?

Lori Powell

Lori Powell

Reader, writer, dreamer.
Friend, lover, believer.
Mum, sister,
Daughter, wife.
Exploring, sharing; life.
Lori Powell

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