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Posted by on May 1, 2014 | 0 comments

Opening Your Heart to Chocolate

Opening Your Heart to Chocolate

There’s no doubt about it, food really does affect our mood. We’ve all heard that saying ‘you are what you eat’ so wouldn’t we naturally choose foods that were of high vibrational energy and full of vitality. What if you could eat food that changes your mood in such a positive way that it changes your vibration almost instantly. There are some foods, it is said, that open you up energetically, even opening your heart centre. There is one such food that exists on the planet, a food that is becoming more and more known in the western world, a food that not only is an energy changer it also nourishes your body in so many positive ways. That food is raw cacao. Raw cacao can be eaten in many forms, however the most popular way today is it’s inclusion in raw chocolates, cacao being the main key ingredient. Anyone who has tasted good quality raw chocolate containing cacao knows the effects of its clean and delicious taste.

Cacao opens you to a deeper level of love; love of self and for others. When you eat cacao in chocolate form (my favourite way!), you feel connected in a more loving way, lifted and more relaxed. Unlike regular cocoa found in commercial chocolate, Raw Cacao isn’t roasted so retains all its nutrients. Cacao has many healing properties and has even been known to help relieve symptoms of mild depression. Known to make you feel good, soothe your heart, increasing your creativity and promote feelings of love, cacao contains a naturally occurring amino acid called Tryptophan and is a great source for phenylethylamine (PEA) which increases feelings of love.

In 2012 I trained with Amy Levin, the world’s leading Raw Chocolatier, attending her Advanced Raw Chocolate course. Amy Levin has worked with some of the world’s top chefs including Executive Chef, Chad Sarno at Saf London & Munich and more recently with raw food chef Russell James so I was in good hands. Learning how to make raw chocolates inspired me to start making my own and so Beanies Raw Chocs was born.
Beanies Raw Chocs are handmade raw chocolates using a combination of the finest organic ethically sourced ingredients. All chocolates are free from dairy, soya and gluten and naturally sweetened with date syrup. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, Beanies Raw Chocs are best eaten chilled and refrigerated.

Here’s a special discount for all Inspired World Magazine readers on your first order of Beanies Raw Chocs, just visit  choose your chocs and enter the offer code ‘beanies10’ to get your 10% discount.


Jean Dayton

I’m a professional artist and run my own children’s art workshops, so I love being creative in all that I do, that is why cooking, for me, is a complete joy, I am in my element when preparing food for myself and others. Eating healthily and preparing healthy food makes me feel good and if I feel good then I am in flow with my life and when I’m in flow good things happen in my life, I attract good things, like-minded or as I like to say ‘like-souled’ people come into my life, expanding me even more as a person.  I believe a good mindset married together with looking after your body is what brings balance in your life which ultimately brings you more joy. Isn’t that what we are all seeking – Joy… in ALL that we do?

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