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Posted by on 15 Dec 2013 | 0 comments

Moments to Share – How are you feeling?


How are you feeling?

As we begin yet another cycle of seasons, this one being Winter, we can take time to reflect on all that has gone before us, as the tide turns and we leave the summer and autumn months behind, as we begin to make our leave from 2013 and begin our journey into a new phase, a new time of initiation and new beginnings in the northern hemisphere.
As you look back and reflect on the glorious days of summer, its warmth, sunshine and carefree days perhaps spent on the beach, in your gardens, parks, forest and open spaces, carry that feeling of summer, with its richness and colour into the present and take a moment to remember, to experience, to see, feel, sense and know that which has now become your past. Stop reading, take a moment and recall in as much vivid detail as possible the beautiful array of flowers, trees and shrubs in full bloom as they appeared over the last few months, (or year if coming out of winter) the smells, sounds and feelings they evoke, think about the times you spent outside enjoying the warmth, the sunshine, the longer days and shorter nights. What activities did you partake in, and with whom did you share those precious moments, your family, friends, loved ones? Allow yourself to remember all the beautiful details and memories of those special times, as you relive them in this moment now and think about how they have added too and enriched your experience on Earth.
The first eleven months of this year have passed oh so very quickly. Our sense of time is speeding up and most days it seems harder to grasp the reality of time as the hours, days, months and years ceases to exist as we have known before. Nothing stands and remains the same forever, whether it’s the changing seasons, your work, relationships or your physical bodies. Everything has a cycle and that cycle is moving intrinsically easily into the next, just as the cycles of night and day follow each other day, after day.
Someone asked me a question recently, “Jessica, do you think we ever get it done, do we ever get to that point where everything is normal, everything is okay and sorted in our lives?”
Smiling, I thought about it and in that moment, my first thought was, why would we ever want to get it all done, what would be the reason for living, for doing and being. As we contemplate our lives, where we are at, where we have come from, where we are going, another question arises “How can we make it better?” We are all striving to get somewhere, to be more, to have more, and to experience more. Is this not the reality of life? Is this not the reason we are here? What would we be if we didn’t desire, want, wish, dream and pursue our goals? What would be the reason for the seasons, what purpose would everything have?
Change is constant, on this we can rely. It is time to let go now, as do the leaves on the trees, the petals on the flowers, it is time to release and let go of anything that isn’t in alignment with who you have become right now in this moment, for this moment is all there is. As we make preparations to begin a new year, what do you want to let go of, what needs to change in your life, perhaps negative thoughts, outdated beliefs, a partnership, or an old habit? Whatever it is, give yourself permission right now, to let it go, to cease fighting, to quit procrastinating, stop defending and just let go. Throw out that piece of furniture, that item of clothing, clear out the clutter, de-brief your mind, and let go of the old and make way for the new. Surrender your life, hand the reins over consciously to your Soul/Higher Self who all-ways knows the next step, who knows where the path begins and ends, who understands the cycle of life, the reason for change. Like the leaves that fall from the trees, become naked and exposed, open and trusting equivocably as the new you begins to emerge fully and completely into alignment with your truth.  Your Soul is waiting for you to let go, it asks only that of you. As you do so, it will guide you, you will be nurtured, you will experience ease and flow, and you will remember who you are.  Do you think the tree tries to hang onto the leaves or the flowers to its petals? Are animals constantly holding grudges, is the water trying to resist the tide. No, for to do so, would be foolish. Take time to let go, to tune into your emotions, this is the direct link through your heart to your Soul. If you wish to make this connection to your Soul, to your truth, to Who You Are, be still, ask, commune and be ready for the answer and most importantly trust, trust it is you communicating and connecting with you.
I recently sat still and asked and this following message came to me, which I wish to share with you now.
“We want you to connect to your own inner being, the part of you that is seeking, searching, looking for love and immediately cease your struggle. You are what you are looking for. Why do you seek to look outside of yourself? To us this seems a stupid, crazy idea, for we know that you will never find what you are looking for outside your Self, this we would say is a pointless task.
If you can begin to love yourself completely, fully, you will feel yourself being filled up from the inside out and you will never seek in another something that which they can never give you.
Your mission, your purpose is to love yourself, first and foremost by acknowledging both your strengths and weaknesses, for only then will you truly begin to know who you are. That said and done you can then build a strong relationship with yourself, based on understanding and truth.
We listen to your cries of help in obtaining a wonderful relationship and we remind you now – it’s all about YOU.
Leave your sorrows, your stories, your blame, judgement and tears behind, for now is the time to release yourself from past hurts, by speaking your truth, walking your talk and becoming one with who you are now, in this moment.
As you begin to build a strong foundation, a firm relationship with yourself, you will see and notice how others are drawn to your light. As you maintain a positive, clear, focused attitude, those around you will by definition become that too.
You have the right to say no. The truth may hurt, temporarily, momentarily and yet, it is what defines you, your choices and what helps you grow in each and every moment, and so it is.
We wish to remind you that all is not forgotten and your wishes, your prayers do not go unanswered, for nothing can and will remain the same. Real love, divine love is in the air, on a gentle breeze, in the rustle of the leaves. It is everywhere, at all times and you only have to call and you will feel loves embrace fold you into its arms and hold you tight eternally. This you know and it is our job to remind you. Seek only to love yourself and let go of any misguided attempts to control that which you have no control over – another.
We have placed a star within your heart which is filled with self-love, self-recognition, and self-worth. It will guide you throughout your days on this wondrous Earth and shine brightly for all to see. As you share your uniqueness, your passion, your joy, your spirit will soar and you will have come home, back to yourself and surely in that moment you will know love is all that exists.”
As I leave you with these words, may you be blessed with discovering and delighting in finding more of who you are on the journey to Oneness, for as you do you discover more of who we all are.
Love and joyous blessings
Jessica Woods
The British Therapist

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Jessica Woods is the founder of FreeFall Therapy™ a unique self-healing process which quickly accesses the hidden unconscious aspects of your inner Self. Jessica runs innovative, transformational workshops and seminars, alongside her private practice giving Divine readings, energy alignments and FreeFall consultations.

FreeFall Therapy™ is a unique self healing process which quickly accesses the hidden unconscious aspects of your inner Self. It enables you to safely recall memory experiences previously blocked from the conscious mind. The FreeFall Therapy™ process works around these experiences to recognize and release fears, emotional and mental blocks, soul regression, relationship attachments, dream reality issues and underlying problems that prevent you from living a balanced, fulfilled and happy life.
The process is immediately effective with lasting results which tackle deep seated behavioural issues from a personal viewpoint rather than using a clinically applied holistic approach. Many clients have provided excellent reviews and feedback regarding their experience of FreeFall Therapy™ and have continued using the techniques to assist them in tackling further recognized issues and life changing decisions in their daily lives. It provides a method that anyone can learn as a transformational tool that produces amazing results.

Jessica works as a self-empowerment coach, intuitive energy reader/healer, spiritual consultant and visionary whose mission includes helping others raise awareness of Self, reach divine states of alignment and personal transformation.

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