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Posted by on 17 Jul 2014 | 0 comments

Messages from Angel Angelique

DV-Magical-Messages-from-the-Fairies-Oracle-CardsDear readers for this edition I felt guided to use Fairy cards with the beautiful summer and nature energies. The card is taken from Magical messages from the fairies oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT- Guidance is from this card to be in tune with nature, rhythms of the Earth and honoring your body. Every person has natural ebbs and flows of their energy and creativity. Guidance is to work in unison with what your body is telling you rather than try to force or push things to happen which merely causes frustrations. When we listen to our body and work with it instead of working against it that is when the magic can really happen and manifestations can truly speed up. To rest and have quiet time without any guilt or that little voice inside us saying “I really should be doing this or this or this!” is valuable time spent as it is in these times that we connect with our higher self, the Angels and the source of all things. We are blessed that the universe is just waiting for us to connect and pour upon us blessings of all kinds. All we need to do is ask. This card also brings us the energy to be honest. Not only with ourselves but loved ones. To ask for what we need in turn makes our energies higher so we can then help others and so creates a wonderful balance of giving and receiving. To ask for what we need says we love ourselves enough to give to ourselves and nurture ourselves we will then truly shine our light!

For this edition we have a question been sent in from a reader called Cynthia.
“Will I be working in another country?”

A- Cynthia there is a lot of positivity surrounding this question. Your card was NEW BEGINNINGS. Archangel Jeremiel surrounds the energy of this card. This mighty Archangel helps us find the beauty in life both looking at the past with love, compassion and seeing the blessings but also looking forward with enthusiasm at a new phase of your life. The energy surrounding this is beginnings and endings. They commend you for a job well done but there is something better waiting for you on the horizonĀ  – a new project. Angel advice is do what you know is right for you trust that inner instinct. This quest will aid your spiritual growth. I will ask the Angels to assist you in every way.

Wendy Terry

Wendy Terry

Wendy Joy Terry is an Angel teacher, healer and oracle card reader living in Worcestershire. She has appeared in numerous national mind body spirit magazines with her readings and has studied with the Diana Cooper school of Angels and Ascension. She has taught others extensively on Angels and oracle cards. She guides others in a caring way on their own spiritual pathway through her ability to clearly communicate with the Angelic realm.
Wendy Terry

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