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Posted by on 1 May 2014 | 0 comments

Message from the Angels with Angel Angelique

For this issue of Inspired World magazine the Angels bring us the card BALANCE as a theme.

What is your hearts desire? what are your dreams and aspirations for 2014? The Angels know how precious they are to you- still they need careful nurturing to bring them into your life. Hold them tight to your heart and give them tender loving care. For as a precious seed needs sunlight, water and soil to grow so your dreams need dedicated time and action to bring them forward.

Guidance from our Angels is to stay true to ourselves . We must be honest and open with ourselves who we truly are for if we are not honest and loving with ourselves how can anyone else be with us? This is a time to make positive action steps towards our dreams. They need to be brought from the back-burner into the front of our mind. This time is for progression the time to sit back has gone, gone is the time to procrastinate” I will do this when I have the time, the energy or the money” No more excuses small steps is the key the Angels will show you the steps and light the way bit by bit. Trust the Angels will bring all you need – what brings you joy brings joy to others then brings joy to the world and so it goes on in an eternal cycle of love and light.

Your Angels

Angel Angelique Answers Your Questions

Q- I am helping my husband launch his software business. Will this be the year he is able to leave full time employment and work for himself?

A- Dear Lynda. Your Angel cards for today were DIVINE TIMING, ANSWERED PRAYER, BLESSINGS AND DREAMS. Positive energy surrounds this situation along with happiness and so much love. The blessing is the love you have for each other as this total support, understanding and strength is the driving force behind making this happen. Continue to be there unconditionally and lift each other up when the going gets challenging. The Angels show me you balance and compliment each other perfectly, use this teamwork for a successful formula! This really still is within the universes safe hands regarding time scales as the divine timing card shows. Deep down your husband is in “provider” for his family mode so money concerns will be in his subconscious. Reassure him and comfort him with this. He loves you all so much. Keep the faith and dream big! Vision boards and action plans all co- create with the universe. The Angels are delivering this for you both for a reason. He is a sensitive soul and this will perfectly suit him and get him into alignment with who he really is career wise. Keep up the good work is the message!


Email with your question and it might be answered in our next issue!

Wendy Terry

Wendy Terry

Wendy Joy Terry is an Angel teacher, healer and oracle card reader living in Worcestershire. She has appeared in numerous national mind body spirit magazines with her readings and has studied with the Diana Cooper school of Angels and Ascension. She has taught others extensively on Angels and oracle cards. She guides others in a caring way on their own spiritual pathway through her ability to clearly communicate with the Angelic realm.
Wendy Terry

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