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Posted by on 13 Feb 2018 | 0 comments

Message from Shimlaya

Channelled by Katie Speed

Dear Ones,

May I welcome you to the moment you are in? Can you allow yourself to drop the distractions and expectations you carry, and breathe deep breaths of life? You see, dear ones, this is your time, your life, you are here to be truly You, are you not? Not to contort yourself trying to be what your mind or others tells you what you must be. Often in your innocence, I see many keep trying, curling, efforting, unknowingly restricting your sweet spirit.

Let me reassure you, you are already a marvellous expression of divinity in human form. A beautiful being here upon the earth plane. You are recognised by us; do you dare to recognise yourself for the immaculate being that you are? And yes, my love, I say immaculate because I see you, through to all of you and I do not hold any judgements, who could be in love and judge one such as you?

Be at ease, judgements are often just misunderstandings of the journey you and others are on.  I invite you to look into a mirror and dare to see the eternal being gazing back at you. Then you will witness a beautiful example of love looking at love.

Many of our dear ones feel a call to do more, to be more. Yes beloveds, there is more of you to be experienced, yet please do recognise all that you are, then it is easier to grow and express more of yourself in life. Do not see the lack; it is an illusion. See and welcome the next part of you that wishes to come forth. Gently breathe your way into the part of you that is true limitless potential.  You are multi-faceted, multi gifted, multi-talented and very loved.

Forever in Love
Shimlaya <3

Katie Speed

Katie Speed

Katie is a gifted channel from a rural town in Staffordshire UK. She’s been living and working with the awareness of angels since 2001, after late one night when a very tall and dazzlingly bright angel appeared illuminating the dark room she was in and started the re- awakening her childhood gifts. Since then, she’s trained in different healing modalities before going on to work as an intuitive coach and facilitate angelic and soul centred workshops. Katie fully embraces her gifts of channelling and works closely with Shimlaya, a beautiful evolved being of divine consciousness that speaks through her. Together their work continues to evolve so that they can be of greater assistance to others through personal readings, group readings, writings and teaching.

Katie Speed

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