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Posted by on 25 Apr 2016 | 0 comments

Life Continues- How I coped after losing my husband

life continuesLife continues! You just have to “Think outside the box”. Let your positive energy flow through and you will find whatever life throws at you – you can pick yourself up. I am amazed at my own transformation. Through training in holistic therapy I found my way, I found where I want to be, and what I want to do. This doesn’t mean this is what you should all do that are reading this, but I wanted to share with you how life can change so quickly. There I was married for 24 years, a mum with three children, same as many other people, when I lost my husband. This is a kick you can either take lying down with in life, (which is very easy to do) or you get up, pick yourself up (out of your bed) and get on with life. (Which is incredibly hard to do.) For me it was made a little easier, for I had three young children who depended on me, no matter how I felt, they had to come first, they had lost their Dad and I lost my Dad too when I was little, so I understood a little of what this meant to them.


You can’t give up, I am a MUM you have to move forward to survive this life, that is so precious to us all, and yet we take it for granted every day. Until life throws something dark and ugly at you which you have to deal with, that’s when you realise how good life really was!


I was fortunate enough to fall in love again and remarried, and now the children were becoming more independent and growing up, now I felt it was my time, my passions reared again, this was in jewellery design and creation before I was married, and as I had time to think about me, I started purchasing little bits and bobs, it isn’t an expensive hobby, and I raided the household tool box for pliers that I could use, and started dismantling old necklaces and adding to, and before I knew it I was creating jewellery for presents for friends for birthdays and Christmas, it was amazing how this made me feel, giving something you have created from nothing, I followed this path for some months and then I was asked if I could make a friend a Hematite necklace as she suffered with headaches, I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about, so I delved a little deeper and it turned out there was a course being run locally (BACH) who I contacted to see if I could pop down for the day and find out more about this “Crystal Healing” so I did, and I came back with the notion that I was going to take my first Diploma in “The Practical Use of Crystals” this was something some friends found a bit weird, and I am sure some of them wondered if I had lost the plot! But, I was convinced this was the correct path for me to follow, and as time went by I studied for my 2nd Diploma “Advanced Diploma in the Art of Crystal Healing” and as I was leading up to this, more and more people were intrigued as to what this was all about, and as I had to hold sessions for practical purposes, I asked at my day job if I could hold therapies in my own time and hold these for the works charity, which I did, the whole building of over 100 people now know ALL about (or are aware) of Crystal Healing now!


See what I mean, it doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from, anything can happen at any time to you, and what I found helped me is to “think outside the box” and I hope this helps you, or someone you know too.


How do crystals work? Well Crystals work on frequencies, you have chakras, we all have chakras, vortexes of energies all over our bodies, with seven main chakras, and these are the chakras you learn to work with at first, the crystals vibrational energy synchronizes with the vibrational frequencies of the chakras (I believe that if you think everything is made up of atoms when you break everything down, with crystals there are small empty chambers where the energies of the chakras build up within the crystal and they are encouraged or discouraged to speed at a different rate to suit the chakra and person) so after accomplishing over 150 crystal therapies, I can see how the crystals have influenced clients, especially those who come to me with great troubles and traumas in their lives and you see them walking this big black dog behind them (metaphorically speaking) into the therapy room and this is where, after each therapy appointment they attend, I start to see the big black dog fading and the sunny glow appearing, for some clients for the first time in their lives. You know when you see a person and you feel they are glowing, and some people are just not visible for some unexplained reason, well I believe this is to do with the chakras and the auras surrounding us all.


I am not magical, I do not possess great powers, but I do understand crystals, I am still on a learning curve and will be all of my life I believe, but look where this tale has lead from where I started. You just never what’s round the corner in your life!

So if you feel life just isn’t how it should be, then do something about it, be positive, clear the negativity that follows you and maybe the people holding you back through their own negativity, if this applies to you, you know who I mean and I wish you good fortune on your path, and I do hope life is as contented and passionate as mine!

Nicola Gee

Nicola Gee

Nicola Gee, A teacher, A student of life, Still learning every day from others, Searching for the meaning of life ... Concluding, “It is happiness!” She learns and she shares and so the circle continues.

Passionate for teaching Handcrafted Jewellery at present, Nicola finds this a relaxing, enjoyable and sociable pass time. Having re-trained at 50 with 3 children and losing her husband in his 40’s. She is now very happily re-married and now with three wonderful grand-children and has found herself on the path of life as a trained and practicing Holistic Crystal Healing & Reiki Therapist.
Nicola Gee

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