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Posted by on 16 Apr 2018 | 0 comments

Language of Heart Alchemy Cards

Read by Charlene Maguire

This coming week is going to bring in some big energy. With Mercury turning direct and an Aries new moon Sunday the 15th, that starts it all off. New moons are that seed-planting time, and in Aries it is all about get up and go! Action is the word of the moment, especially with Uranus the planet of the freedom, revolution, and sudden changes in play as well. When you’re planting those new moon seeds, plant a garden of unexpected news, inner revolution, and personal freedom. The inner revolution and freedom will be connected with the other big debut happening this week… Chiron moving into Aries. Chiron “the wounded healer” will be inviting us to take into consideration the deeply personal areas in ourselves that feel weak and wounded. The time has come to find the key hidden in there that will help transmute and transcend.

For anyone reading this who is new to oracle cards: Oracle and Tarot cards are a wonderful but sometimes misunderstood tool. The cards are a tool that will not “predict your future,” but rather, help you create it. They are a way to help us learn to communicate directly with our higher selves and partner with spirit to receive wisdom and guidance on the decisions we need to make. They are a way to tap into your own superpowers! The cards can be an amazing communication and navigational system to help reflect the energy currents of the present moment in your life. This is not about prediction in any way… more like the energetic weather report of the story already in motion. All of us are on some form of a path to personal mastery, and oracle cards can be like an ongoing friendship that supports you in the areas of your life that you need it most.


The first card is Broken Open.

Question: How much space has been created?

Message: By breaking, more space has been created — to give and receive more. The broken pieces at the bottom each contain the gift of a seed for growing a  more intimate love with yourself and others. The broken pieces rise up together to create an enormous OPEN heart that bursts into golden flames and lights up the sky. Expand and let love in again!

Chiron, known as “the wounded healer” in astrology, speaks to this. When you’ve had your heart broken into a million little pieces, what does that actually do? It breaks you open… expands you… opens you up to receive more. Most of the time this expansion can feel painful, but if you’re able to feel it and let it move through you, every one of those little pieces is a gift waiting to be opened wide and discovered. Maybe one of them is a key… to a whole new you, a whole new direction, a whole new… anything. Don’t let your heart shut down, or it will be even more painful in the long run.


The second card is Water Element.

Question: Where do you need to allow flow?

Message: Water responds to energy in an unconscious way. Water is deeply emotional. It can be motivated to nurture and be nurtured. It can have spontaneous creative visions, and absorb its surroundings. Given time, water can carve its own path through anything solid. Water is sympathetic, empathetic, nurturing, calm, peaceful, sensitive, compassionate, imaginative, intuitive, and very psychically aware.

Where is your energy at right now? Scattered all over? Feeling overwhelmed by too much? In whatever way you’ve been broken open, consider how water might handle this. Water will flow where it can easily flow, and that may not be in all one direction. What if it is breaking off into another flow because it wants to carve out a NEW direction? Consider where your energy is flowing, where it is not flowing, and how you can direct it.


The third card is Mimicry.

Question: Where are you not being you?

Message: Acting in front of an audience for entertainment is one thing. Slipping into mimicry of another behavior, way of being, voice, color, shape, or form in order to disguise yourself to stay safe is another. Chameleons are masters of disguise in the animal world. In the emotional people world it is usually because we are uncomfortable with ourselves. Try being yourself for a change.

Aries, the sign of self, the “I AM” in astrology, speaks to this. With some deeper wounds that may be finding their way to the surface over the next number of years, one of the big questions to ask around any of it is “where am I not being myself?” We all have fiery Aries energy in us, and if you know your astrological chart you’ll know where that is. Where have you been playing a role, wearing a mask, and hiding your real self? When you spend the majority of your time blending into the colors of others, it’s time to start discovering your own unique mix.

Charlene Maguire

Charlene Maguire

Charlene Maguire is an artist, designer, author, and change agent. She is the creator of The Language of Heart Alchemy oracle card deck, and has two more decks in the works. She is also being carried on the current of many other creative projects as they stir within. You can learn more about her on her website.

Charlene Maguire

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