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Posted by on 9 Apr 2018 | 0 comments

Language of Heart Alchemy Cards

Read by Charlene Maguire

Well… Compassion has come up as the first card yet again for this coming week. There has been a stream of intense energy flowing through, and we are still in the fire, but if we can calm down enough for us to reconsider how we either react or respond to what’s going on in our lives we might have a better go of it. Just give yourself and the people around you a break… step back and reconsider what your strategy in life is right now. Maybe that strategy is to binge on Netflix and eat cookies, or maybe you’re ready to sit down and chart out the big dream. If you feel yourself getting defensive over something that really doesn’t matter in the long run, maybe try that compassion thing again, head home, and hit the reboot button.

For anyone reading this who is new to oracle cards: Oracle and Tarot cards are a wonderful but sometimes misunderstood tool. The cards are a tool that will not “predict your future,” but rather, help you create it. They are a way to help us learn to communicate directly with our higher selves and partner with spirit to receive wisdom and guidance on the decisions we need to make. They are a way to tap into your own superpowers! The cards can be an amazing communication and navigational system to help reflect the energy currents of the present moment in your life. This is not about prediction in any way… more like the energetic weather report of the story already in motion. All of us are on some form of a path to personal mastery, and oracle cards can be like an ongoing friendship that supports you in the areas of your life that you need it most.


The first card is Compassion.

Question: Can you allow yourself or another to feel and express what they need to?

Message: Compassion does NOT mean to take on someone else’s pain so they don’t feel it. Compassion is a healer and requires being centered and non- judgmental. It is a mediator and remains neutral on the subject in question. Neutrality requires skill, experience and practice. Energetically it is holding the space between the here and now (the practical realm), and the in-another-place nebulous ego free zone of purity.

We still have another week of Mercury retrograde. Some of us are feeling all the feels and it’s intense. Some tempers and ego defensiveness turn into arguments for an agenda. Is it worth it? Sometimes it’s better to do more listening than talking… you might learn something! Remember, we’ve all got something kicking us in the ass right now to push us towards big changes, so have compassion for yourself as well as your fellow humans on their journeys. Turn your attention to the bigger picture and the awareness that comes with it.


The second card is Game.

Question: Do you have a strategy?

Message: One move forward, one move back. Step to the side or slide to the corner.Your opponent jumps to the top and just like that — game over. Is it a game of strategy or more like a dance? You get to decide the game pieces, and how and when to play. Get in the game or get out — but just make sure you enjoy the game you’re playing.

This thing we are living called life… really is a game. When you add players like Mercury Retrograde, they like to throw you a wild card! There’s the saying, “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.” What is the game you are playing? Are you enjoying it? If not, than maybe it’s good that you get taken out of it so you can go play a new one.


The third card is Home.

Question: What is “home” really?

Message: Houses get bought and sold. A home stays with you always. Home is the love energy inside you. Home is your physical body, which is your souls home in this life, and your vehicle to get from place to place. Home can also be the place where you gather with your family/friends/tribe. Home is a place where you can be you — naked — emotionally and physically.

Consider all the energy swirling around you right now… whatever is going on with family, work, business, relationships, projects, pets… and feel into where YOU are in all that. If you have some real compassion for yourself and the others in your life, you’ll take a moment to breathe and see where you are in your “game.” If things are moving smoothly, than a few setbacks aren’t going to matter in the long run, but if you’re feeling like it’s “game over,” than it’s time to head back to home base and think things over.

Charlene Maguire

Charlene Maguire

Charlene Maguire is an artist, designer, author, and change agent. She is the creator of The Language of Heart Alchemy oracle card deck, and has two more decks in the works. She is also being carried on the current of many other creative projects as they stir within. You can learn more about her on her website.

Charlene Maguire

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