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Posted by on 2 Apr 2018 | 0 comments

Language of Heart Alchemy Cards

Read by Charlene Maguire

While pulling the cards for this reading I reflected on the current energy swirling around which is a mix of get-up-and-go and sit-down-and-wait. A bit frustrating right? Triggers have been activated with a lot of Aries energy heating up the space around us. Aries energy can be everything from inspiring to argumentative, and our challenge here coming off the full blue moon in Libra is to keep the me/we balance in check. Where can you have compassion for both yourself AND the other person? How can you create a stronger intimacy with both yourself AND another? What does your Intuition tell you about any of this? Don’t let yourself “react” to what others might throw at you, literally or emotionally. Take a few deep breaths, listen to your gut, and then respond to a situation appropriately.

For anyone reading this who is new to oracle cards: Oracle and Tarot cards are a wonderful but sometimes misunderstood tool. The cards are a tool that will not “predict your future,” but rather, help you create it. They are a way to help us learn to communicate directly with our higher selves and partner with spirit to receive wisdom and guidance on the decisions we need to make. They are a way to tap into your own superpowers! The cards can be an amazing communication and navigational system to help reflect the energy currents of the present moment in your life. This is not about prediction in any way… more like the energetic weather report of the story already in motion. All of us are on some form of a path to personal mastery, and oracle cards can be like an ongoing friendship that supports you in the areas of your life that you need it most.


The first card is Compassion.

Question: Can you allow yourself or another to feel and express what they need to?

Message: Compassion does NOT mean to take on someone else’s pain so they don’t feel it. Compassion is a healer and requires being centered and non- judgmental. It is a mediator and remains neutral on the subject in question. Neutrality requires skill, experience and practice. Energetically it is holding the space between the here and now (the practical realm), and the in-another-place nebulous ego free zone of purity.

There’s a lot of hot air swirling around right now. If you’re sensitive to it you may feel like you want to just go crawl in a cave by yourself and stay there. For a short time, that can be beneficial, but you’ve got to come out at some point. Have compassion both for yourself and the other people you encounter throughout your day. Maybe that person starting the argument at the cafe with the cashier has been having a really rough time in their life and unfortunately they are taking it out on the cashier. Sometimes a quick kind gesture might be all they need, OR, if they just insist on being a jerk you can always walk away. Compassion can speak to how kind you are to yourself… as in, maybe you get involved with a situation, or maybe you don’t. You have a choice.


The second card is Intimacy.

Question: Where can you be more vulnerable?

Message: Intimacy is the person you can talk to at 3am about that dream you just had. Intimacy is giving someone your full attention in the moment, when twelve other people are asking for it. Intimacy is the person you are always excited to share those quick “I thought of you” moments with, no matter how distracted you are. Intimacy is true connection.

Discernment can be the word to work with here. If you walk around with your heart on your sleeve and are open and vulnerable with everyone than unfortunately on this planet you’re bound to get hurt. Learning who you can be open and vulnerable with and who you should keep at a distance is a big lesson for a lot of us to learn. Who do you have in your life that you can share your most intimate thoughts with without any judgment from them? Those are the people to open up to more. Then there is intimacy with yourself, which actually needs to come first. Pay attention to how you feel throughout the day, and maybe keep a journal. What sorts of thoughts and feelings move through you? How do you talk to yourself? Are you kind to yourself or are you always criticizing? You might want to go look at the first card again and practice some compassion with yourself.


The third card is Intuition.

Question: How does your intuition guide you?

Message: Intuition is a synergy between our heart, mind, and gut. It’s an inner technology that runs on a system of energy that works through the state of flow and harmony of the heart, brain and gut. The “inner voice” that speaks up that we know we need to listen to.The next time you need to make a choice, check into your body for a tight stomach, hairs standing on end, or your spidey sense tingling. Then make sure you listen to the message.

When working with both compassion and Intimacy, your Intuition is crucial. You need to be able to hear/feel/see it. If you’re hopped up on anxiety you won’t be able to listen. If you have compassion for yourself, you’ll be able to build more intimacy with yourself, and this will allow you to develop your intuitive skills much more. Find a quiet place to tune in to yourself and listen.

Charlene Maguire

Charlene Maguire

Charlene Maguire is an artist, designer, author, and change agent. She is the creator of The Language of Heart Alchemy oracle card deck, and has two more decks in the works. She is also being carried on the current of many other creative projects as they stir within. You can learn more about her on her website.

Charlene Maguire

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