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Posted by on 19 Feb 2018 | 0 comments

Language of Heart Alchemy Cards

Read by Charlene Maguire

When I sat down to pull some cards from The Language of Heart Alchemy oracle deck for the energy of this upcoming week, the theme of change and movement was what came to me. There has been a LOT of shifting, changing, upset, and transformation making it’s way into the world at large lately, as well as on a personal level for each of us.

For anyone reading this who is new to oracle cards: Oracle and Tarot cards are a wonderful but sometimes misunderstood tool. They are one of many ways to help us learn to communicate directly with our higher selves and partner with spirit, and receive wisdom and guidance on the decisions we need to make. The cards can be an amazing communication and navigational system to help reflect the energy currents of the present moment in your life. This is not about prediction in any way… more like the energetic weather report of the story already in motion. All of us are on some form of a path to personal mastery, and oracle cards can be like an ongoing friendship that supports you in the areas of your life that you need it most.


The first card is Gratitude.

Question: What if you woke up tomorrow morning and all that was left was what you were grateful for?

Message: Gratitude affects the heart by literally creating a smoother and more consistent rhythm wave frequency. This can also sync with other hearts around you. The more we express gratitude, the more we literally spread good vibes. Have a “heart to heart” with someone. That someone might even be yourself.

What are you grateful for? List it all out. Notice the times when you do feel gratitude and take a moment to acknowledge it. If there is another person you feel gratitude towards, tell them! One thing we can all do a lot more of is expressing gratitude for the people, places, and events in our lives that feed and uplift us. Humanity in general seems to be great at expressing negativity… and trying to suck others into a giant pity party. Let’s shift that into expressing gratitude for the amazing beauty that surrounds our lives every single day. As you’re reading this right now what are you grateful for? That cup of coffee you are drinking? The view out the window? Loved ones? The Facebook feed you are scrolling through (caught you!)? Acknowledge it all.

The second card is Transformation

Question: What do you need to transform?

Message: Whether it’s radical, emotional, sudden, excruciating, ecstatic, or pleasurable, transformation is a process of moving beyond the form you are in now. Completions are also an important factor in allowing the change — so if you feel triggered, reactive, emotional, or overwhelmed, focus on your own evolution and on getting out of your own way. Clean out energy and move on.

Now that you know what you are grateful for, how can this energy transform you and your situation? Maybe you are scrolling through Facebook and seeing a lot of negativity. Well, you could either sign out or… focus on posts that uplift instead. Maybe you feel angry. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what is anger? It’s a catalyst for action, so learn how to DIRECT that energy towards change and transformation. Here’s a short story about the first time I actually realized how to do this: I was in an office/work situation that wasn’t all that pleasant. Crammed in a room with six other people, someone did something that encroached on my personal space in a big way, and I was so angry I literally thought I was going to explode. I didn’t have any way to change the outward situation or people around me, but I did have a LOT of work to get done that day… a whole bunch of technical illustrations. I sat down, put on my headphones, put on music that motivated me, and ignored the people in the room completely. I directed my energy into my work instead of useless arguments, and I literally got all the illustrations done that day. Not only that, but by directing my emotional energy towards something useful and productive, it channeled through me and dissolved. Oh, and the situation with my co-workers took care of itself by the end of the day too. This is only one example, but take a look at where you are and what is coming up for you, and consider how you can create some change for yourself.

The third card is Currency

Question: Are you in the flow?

Message: Currency is the condition of circulation and flowing. Money comes from relationships with people, here on earth, creating goods and services. “Broke” is really just referring to your connectedness, or lack of it. You can’t keep what you aren’t willing to give. You have to circulate, share, and give of your wealth. When the physical “fruit” shows up, it is the evidence that you are truly giving YOU. Connection equals currency.

So, are you in the flow, or is the flow blocked? Gratitude requires energy to flow through you. Transformation requires energy to flow through you. Energy is carried on an emotional and physical current throughout all of us. Money/currency is an energy that needs to flow. If you are blocked in any way from moving towards what you want, where can you open some floodgates? Take some action towards change, movement, and transformation this week. Let the current flow.


(Personal awakening with this reading… since creating this deck of cards, I have been terrified of doing readings. Choosing to do this weekly card reading for Inspired Worlds is putting myself out there in a way that isn’t all that “comfortable” for me. I’ve learned that you’ve got to get comfortable being UNcomfortable to create change. I really do hope people enjoy these readings and get something out of them. I’d love some feedback if you do!)

Inspired World Magazine: We are delighted to have you onboard, Charlene,  and are thrilled you are willing to move out of your comfort zone to do this weekly card reading. The readings, and you, are amazing. ♥



Charlene Maguire

Charlene Maguire

Charlene Maguire is an artist, designer, author, and change agent. She is the creator of The Language of Heart Alchemy oracle card deck, and has two more decks in the works. She is also being carried on the current of many other creative projects as they stir within. You can learn more about her on her website.

Charlene Maguire

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