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Posted by on 12 Feb 2018 | 0 comments

Language of Heart Alchemy Cards

Read by Charlene Maguire

Oracle and Tarot cards are a wonderful but sometimes misunderstood tool. They are one of many ways to help us learn to communicate directly with our higher selves and partner with spirit. They are a way to receive wisdom and guidance on the decisions we need to make. The cards can be an amazing communication and navigational system to help reflect the energy currents of the present moment in your life. This is not about prediction in any way… more like the energetic weather report of the story already in motion. All of us are on some form of a path to personal mastery, and oracle cards can be like an ongoing friendship that supports you in the areas of your life that you need it most.

In the coming week we have a new moon partial solar eclipse in Aquarius happening, and this comes after the full moon lunar eclipse in Leo from two weeks ago. I asked The Language of Heart Alchemy cards about the themes being presented to us now with this potent intensity that I’m sure we’re all feeling! The energy of eclipses are always about supporting the big shifts and changes in our lives. The themes with Leo are of self, personal power, and courage. This solar eclipse is in Aquarius, which is opposite Leo on the astrological wheel, and carries themes of collective consciousness, interdependence, and humanitarianism. Where can we remove the masks of “self” that aren’t really ourselves in order to contribute more to our relationships and the world around us?

The first card is Connection.

Question: How can you deepen the connection?

Message: Great sexual connection is vulnerable and open. It is connection and intimacy at it’s physical finest when both partners are contributing. This connection requires good food to function properly. The good meal is a mix of vulnerability, safety, confidence, playfulness, communication, and emotional connection. Enjoy the feast.

Take a look at all the “connections” you have around you… friends, family, lovers, work colleagues, and the one to yourself. What is your level of intimacy in each one, especially the one with yourself? How vulnerable do you let yourself be with others? I use a sexual theme for this card because it is the one form of deep connection that people can relate to… most of the time. But even sex is just two bodies performing an act if a real intimate connection isn’t there between the partners. Are you your real self in all the things you participate in or do you wear a mask to hide vulnerability? Are you your authentic self in your life? You have to be in order to truly connect from the wellspring that is yourself. Fill yourself up and then you can truly give and receive with another, give and receive with your work, give and receive with your family, give and receive… connect to… whomever and whatever you choose.


The second card is Luck

Question: Who’s the lucky one now?

Message: You are a creator. You create your own luck. If your heart, mind, gut, spirit, and energetic connectivity is working together, then you can easily live the “luck is where preparation meets opportunity” manifesto. That being said, you did pull this card, so you might be closer to the pot-o-gold than you know.

From the first card, “Connection,” we know that we have to drop the masks and be our authentic selves in order to move forward. By doing so it seems that we might have created our own luck for some situation that is lit up in our lives right now. What is that for you? Consider this definition of the word “luck” as you ask yourself that question: “That which happens to a person; an event, good or ill, affecting a man’s interest or happiness, and which is deemed casual; fortune. Luck respects persons and their proceedings. We never say, in a literal sense, that a plant has the luck to grow in a particular place; or a fossil has the luck to be of a particular form. We say, a person has the good luck to escape from danger; or the ill luck to be ensnared or to suffer loss. He has had good luck or bad luck in gaming, fishing or hunting. Luck or what we call chance, accident, fortune, is an event which takes place without being intended or foreseen, or from some cause not under human control; that which cannot be previously known or determined with certainty by human skill or power.”


The third card is Celebrate

Question: What’s the occasion? Do you need to have an occasion?

Message: There’s a saying, “Always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes, the special occasion is that you’ve got a bottle of champagne in the fridge.” You’ve got something worth celebrating now, so roll with it! Grab whatever it is you were “saving for a rainy day,” and enjoy it right now.

So… through the card “Connection” we’ve dropped the masks, and through the card “Luck” we’ve got the engine of something moving through our lives. What should we do now? How about we celebrate the present moment, enjoy a glass of champagne (because of course you have one in the fridge, right?) and roll with the energy of the upcoming week.

Charlene Maguire

Charlene Maguire

Charlene Maguire is an artist, designer, author, and change agent. She is the creator of The Language of Heart Alchemy oracle card deck, and has two more decks in the works. She is also being carried on the current of many other creative projects as they stir within. You can learn more about her on her website.

Charlene Maguire

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