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Posted by on 1 Jun 2013 | 0 comments

It’s All About the Money, Money, Money – Clare Turner-Marshall

How has your year gone so far? Has it been the same as last year, better or worse? We are nearly half way through and many people haven’t yet got to where they want to be.

The question is, how accountable have you been so far this year and are you tracking your progress against your plan? I come across so many people who start with really great intentions and then fall down due to lack of something, usually in a very important area. This is an area that I teach to my clients – make sure that you keep doing reviews against your plan; it is fundamental to your progress and ultimate success. With money, it is about having a clear plan of what you want and what the cost of that will be. Too many people pick a figure out of the air saying it is what they want to earn with little or no planning behind it, and then wonder why they don’t have the money to do what they want. I know from experience  that when you really look at what you want and how much that lifestyle costs, you will always get a very different result.

The main reason so many people fail with money is because it’s not personal to them; it is someone else’s dream or agenda. When it is not all about you, then it will never come at the level you want it to. Be honest, have you ever just said ‘yeah 250k per year would be nice’, but not really thought about why it would be nice? A plan of earnings and spending requirements will allow you to get what you want. I am so passionate about this and about helping people achieving ultimate success that I have put on a whole event about it! The event is in London from June 7th-9th. I have gone all out and brought in the best speakers in Europe currently to share with you all you need to know to make your life and business a huge success. Money is a fundamental part of the whole equation and at “The Success Bootcamp” you will learn like never before how you can make these huge changes and up level your success and wealth.

One of the things that affects how we show up daily is the thoughts we have. Did you know that we have 50,000 thoughts a day and that 78% of them are the same as the day before?Are you putting focus on what you want but not backing it up with action? Where is your mind taking you at the moment, is it to a place of wonder and endless possibilities or is it to a place of lack? If you choose to listen, we are surrounded by negative news that lowers our vibration and thus affects us in ways we don’t always realize. I have an RSS feed so I only get the news I want to see and cut out the rest. I find that this allows me to avoid getting pulled in by the negativity. I really encourage you to limit very much what you do and don’t listen to; it really does make a difference to how you view things and your attitude.

Anyway, back to the planning; make time in your diary for this as we can all talk about finding time, however I have yet to meet anyone that can tell me how to find time! We all have the same amount, it’s what you do with it that is the important thing. When you schedule an event in your diary it is more likely to happen than if you don’t schedule it? If you don’t, then usually you won’t do it!

Make the time and MAKE the Plan for success!

Clare’s passion in life is to help people live the life they want to live and to make it phenomenal through becoming Money Masters:

Clare Turner Marshall

Clare Turner Marshall

Clare's passion in life is to help people live the life they want to live and to make it phenomenal through becoming Money Masters.
Clare Turner Marshall

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