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Posted by on 6 Oct 2013 | 0 comments

Inspired Poetry with Fiona Faery

While my body

Is still ablaze

With the memory

Of you

My heart is like


Molten pain

Runs askew.

On the surface,

There lies a thin shell


A fortress as Hope is

Thrown into hell.

I walk through

These days

Each endless


Until I sense

Some vague memory,

I plunge toward the ocean

Head first into grief

As the blanket of night

Devoid of all sleep

To suffer in silence

Gives your captor such joy

As you become

The victim

A worthless decoy

Cease in your struggle

Throw down your facade

As you split your heart open

To rid all the bad

As tears burst forward

You fear will not cease

Acknowledging your pain

Is your prison release

Rise up

From this dungeon

Of self imposed zeal

Soft winds do whisper

In Time you will heal

Fiona Faery

Fiona Faery

Fiona Faery is an Irish Psychic Medium who unites people regularly with their loved ones in spirit & also offers psychic guidance with her Faery oracle card readings. She is a regular on Irish radio & has monthly columns in various publications. Fiona is known for her optimistic no-nonsense approach to life. She teaches workshops on mediumship and helps 'baby' mediums build their confidence & step into their power. Her spiritual poetry has found a home on her Facebook page; Fiona Faery where she posts a daily poem. Her poetry is aimed to motivate & empower, as Fiona believes in helping people connect with their soul purpose.She reads internationally through her website which will be relaunched in July.
Fiona Faery

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