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Posted by on 27 Jun 2013 | 0 comments

Inspired Musician – Sam Joseph

Sam Joseph is a composer of ambient piano works, as well as a writer and broadcaster with a passion for sharing his insights about the healing effects of music and the music of uplifting artists.  Sam has been involved in various media projects, including internet radio, presenting a regular music show, as well as writing for various magazines.

I’ve never identified with the term ‘musician’, I’m more comfortable with the term ‘composer’ since that best describes what I do. At about four years old, I started playing my grandmother’s piano and I can remember hearing some things that sounded quite nice. During my teens, I started learning the guitar. When my parents divorced, I started writing dreadfully morbid and sad folk-style songs that I struggle to identify with now, but were a great help at the time in terms of getting the emotion out. As the years went on I began writing more and more songs on guitar but wasn’t a very good singer. This didn’t stop me forming a band that’s still going and quite successful today, but at the time we didn’t get very far!

Now in my early twenties, I started adding little flourishes to piano pieces I had learnt. At the time, I was living in an apartment that was part of a 17th century barn and had bare stone walls, high ceilings and skylights in the roof so that I could look up and see the sky when I was playing. When it thundered and rained, the fabric of the building shook and I felt very close to the elements. I soon began composing whole pieces. ‘The Storm’ from the ‘Sounds of Home’ album, being one of the first I composed. Eventually I was encouraged to share it with others, which is where the first album originated.

I like to think of my music as ‘Ascension Music’. It is intended to lift the spirit of those who experience it. I am driven by a desire to move people. If I can create music that moves me, then I know I will be getting close to moving others. I’ve been inspired by the work of the late medium, Rosemary Brown who used automatic writing to channel whole pieces from Liszt and Chopin in particular. As a Clairaudient, I’ve been channelling music by ear with particular past composers in mind. I have recently channelled a beautiful piece by Chopin (& others). Their intention is to prove there is (quite literally) life after death.

Music is an outlet. Everyone has their own: some play sports, others write or even just watch television. I just happen to create music. Music that helps with enlightenment, I’ve always known there is a powerful healing element present within it and it is there to be utilised. ‘The Sounds of Home’ album is particularly connected to some of the main Chakras and there is a playlist on YouTube which features them for this purpose. Some 58,000 people have listened to them.

I’m emerging from a long hibernation in terms of live playing and have begun arranging some smaller gigs, so I hope have some dates posted on soon. There are a couple of albums available to buy on Amazon and iTunes, with an EP and an Album called Whispers to follow later in the year!

Sam Joseph

Sam Joseph

Sam Joseph is a composer of ambient piano works, as well as a writer and broadcaster with a passion for sharing his insights about the healing effects of music and the music of uplifting artists.

He has been creating piano music since the age of four and he greatly enjoys the feeling of freedom from creating music without constraints.

Taking piano lessons against his will as a child, and later rebelling against his piano teacher by hiding in her garden, aged ten, he hasn't looked back. And that would have been it, had he not started playing the piano some fifteen years later and began what he explains as,

"An inward journey. A time when I felt really centred. Now the music just flows. But at first, I had no idea where it was coming from. It has since dawned on me, that I am tapping in to that special part of me that everyone has, which I believe is linked to our highest potential."

Sam Joseph

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