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Posted by on 17 Jul 2014 | 0 comments

Inspired Channelled Message from Shimlaya

Dearest one,

It is with great love and delight that I come to you now, I recognise your true and most marvels nature. You are cherished dear one, not for any of the reasons you may think, not for any of your rather worthy accomplishments, though they do call for your recognition and celebration! No, you are loved simply for being your dear sweet self in a world that asks you to fit in, compromise and conform. You need not do any of these things, you are here now, alive now on this planet to remember who you are and delight in your true awesome nature. Yes dear one there has been many occasions when you doubted your true worth. Yet I joyously and easily tell you that you deserve the very best life has to offer, so then, how much are you willing to accept?

‘But Shimlaya, I have been told often enough to want less, to need less to be truly spiritual’.

Ah yet dear one, and i would agree! Want less! With the wanting you see its absence and feel the lack, yet  do not mistake that for feeling deserving of less, or guilty for all you can achieve. Your life is going through many changes, and you yourself are going through a profoundly rich awakening! Seeing what dose not work, feeling the discourse of what is not based on loving service to humanity, your planet and all the living beings upon it. This is a sensitive time you is it not? And yet with that sensitivity comes great strength, why not see it as one of your super powers? You have the ability to see and feel through illusion straight through to truth. So then may I encourage you to step away from anything that does not ring true to your soul, and forge your own path? Many many many angels offer our eternal support.

You are forever loved, forever cherished, are you ready to delight yourself by being true to you? To the real you, not the you that imagine yourself to be restricted and limited. So often you have done delighted in who you are and granted yourself freedom from scenarios that were not serving you. Oh And how we celebrated each and every time you have done this. You were born to dazzle and delight, simply by being yourself. Reveal more of yourself dear one, do see how wonderful  life can be when you  simply by being the true you? What courage it takes, what blessed relief you feel, even when life and seem tough. When you love your self, you begin to allow yourself more freedom to explore other aspects of your nature.

Hummm Shimlay, what do I have to offer?

How I laugh, you have yourself and the power to shift and shape your life in anyway you choose. You have so much to offer simply by daring to be yourself. So then, chose, chose and chose again! Do not continue along your current path if it seems to rob you of choice, you are the chooser and therefore the creator. I smile and say why not chose love, lifting the tone of your life, chose forgiveness so that you no longer feel burdened by the heaviness of the past, chose joy and allow yourself to be free from shackles. You can free your heart and mind any moment you wish, and I as well as many angels stand ready to assist you.

Forever in Love


Katie Speed

Katie Speed

Katie is a gifted channel from a rural town in Staffordshire UK. She’s been living and working with the awareness of angels since 2001, after late one night when a very tall and dazzlingly bright angel appeared illuminating the dark room she was in and started the re- awakening her childhood gifts. Since then, she’s trained in different healing modalities before going on to work as an intuitive coach and facilitate angelic and soul centred workshops. Katie fully embraces her gifts of channelling and works closely with Shimlaya, a beautiful evolved being of divine consciousness that speaks through her. Together their work continues to evolve so that they can be of greater assistance to others through personal readings, group readings, writings and teaching.

Katie Speed

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