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I love to talk with other writers about how much living a creative life means to us, exchanging our desire and passion for writing and wanting to publish our books. I am so passionate about teaching children to fully embrace their creative dreams, to follow them with desire and whole hearted belief that they can and will happen, to always keep aiming high and ignore all the obstacles that may stand in the way, to be creative and never stop because they feel they are not good enough, or have been told it will never get them anywhere in life, like I know many people have been told including myself.

I understand that many believe the world is suffering an economic crisis and unfortunately the fear of unemployment filters down through the generations onto our youth who absorb everything! They are sponges to our fears and feelings. I feel it is vital to focus on our life’s purpose rather than fears, and we should encourage our children to do the same. It is our job to support children in fulfilling their dreams as much as we can so they view life as being positive and abundant..

Everyone has a book inside them, or so we are told. I hear so many stories from people saying how much they would like to write but they haven’t got the time, or they can’t afford to give up their day job, or they wished they had followed their love of writing or art sooner but their parents or teachers said they should do something else they believed was more suitable. To aim at getting a more stable job. It is really heartbreaking to know there are so many people living a life of unfulfilled wishes because nobody was there to encourage them or listen to them. So when children talk to me about their passions I always support and listen to them, so I know they can grow into happy successful adults following their passions and leading a fulfilling happy life.

Every month I love connecting with Inspirational Children and introducing Inspired World readers to them. This month is no exception. Caoimhe Lennon is a bright, beautiful intelligent girl who oozes talent and creativity. Caoimhe has many dreams but her number one desire is to be an author. So you can imagine how excited I was hearing all about Caoimhe’s dreams and what inspires her! I especially love how she is so clear at her age about what she loves and knows precisely what she wishes to do in her life.

Caoimhe has inspired me and I know she will do the same to everyone today. She has written a short story to share with us and explains with great passion how she loves to write and that there are many more stories on their way. I am sure you will all enjoy this beautiful tale called Elegant Ella.


Once upon a time there lived a girl called Ella. Ella loved writing, sketching, colouring, painting, you name it! So one day Ella decided she would be an author. But when she told her class they said really mean things, except for Ella’s best friend Grace. Grace said you should always follow your dreams and you might become a success. So Ella listened to Grace. In a whole month, Ella hadwritten four stories. They were about puppies, dolphins, flowers and bunnies. Grace helped with spelling because Grace was the best at spelling in the class. One day Ella badly wanted a puppy. So then she thought that if she had enough money from selling her books she would get a puppy. When she told Grace, she loved the idea. By two months they had €299.00 when they saw a dog she was short by €1.00 euro. But Grace and Ella’s mums knew they went through a lot of trouble so they gave them it. The dog was called Angel and looked like this.

Caoimhe it’s a pleasure to meet you and thank you for sharing your story Elegant Ella with Inspired World readers. It’s a beautiful sweet story filled with inspirational characters, great dreams and a gorgeous happy ending.

Can you tell us about your passion for writing and how it makes you feel?

I love to write all the time and have written many stories. I am always thinking about writing. It’s exciting and makes me feel alive.

How did you come up with the idea of Elegant Ella?

I saw the movie Beatrix Potter and her little stories .It reminds me of her when she had two children dressed in white with white umbrellas in the gorgeous garden.

What inspires you in life?

Beatrix Potter. It would be wonderful to be an author like her.

What are your dreams Caoimhe and how important do you think it is to follow them?

Here is a list of my dreams that I wrote down. I believe if you don’t follow any dreams your life is so plain. Children have to follow dreams to live and be happy.

They are awesome dreams Caoimhe! What would you say to people who don’t take children’s passions seriously?

To give them the opportunity and give them the chance to follow their passion.

Have you plans to write more stories? Do you believe it’s important to write your dreams down like you have done?

I do have a plan to write many stories. I might sell them in my friend’s housing estate Eagle Valley, in Ennis Kerry. I do think it is important to write your dreams down because you may forget some of them and when you’re older you can look back and see what you have done or achieved.

In your story you wrote about Ella’s class mates saying mean things to her. What would you say to anyone who would try and discourage you from reaching your goals and following your passion and dreams?

I am not a sponge you can’t clean my brain. I am not a TV, you can’t change me.

Have you any advice to other children your age who maybe too shy or nervous about sharing their dreams with their friends and class mates?

If you want to do something nobody should stop you and you may find out from other friends they share the same dream if you can be a little brave and talk about your dreams then you will keep them alive.

What do you think is the most important thing to do in order to succeed in life?

Some things in life don’t always happen, but you have to keep trying! That’s when they will happen.

Have you anything else you would love to share with us about your dreams and passions to encourage other children and Adults to be as passionate, hardworking and amazing as you are?

Don’t give up or give in so quickly, keep trying. When I first wanted to write stories I believed I could! So in a way, by me writing down my dreams and being passionate about them and wanting those to happen, my belief and desire created it so I suppose my dream did come true as you have published Elegant Ella in Inspired World Magazine.

It’s been truly inspiring talking to Caoimhe today and I know she has encouraged me to keep moving forward in life with my dreams and as she says never to give up! I love how children are such great teachers. Thank you Caoimhe you are an inspirational young lady who I know we will be reading about again in the future. Caoimhe I know is great pioneer who is destined to achieve all her dreams in life.




Darryl Anne Cole

Darryl Anne Cole

Darryl Anne Mooney lives In East Sussex with her Four Children and  dog Lola. Darryl is passionate about teaching children about angels and the importance of love and self worth. She has been inspired by her own life journey and the incredible valuable lessons she has learned along the way. Through experiencing many challenges, Darryl has transformed her life from sadness and negativity to a life filled with love and joy. Darryl now enjoys mentoring and inspiring people to do the same through the power of love and self belief. Darryl’s is delighted to inspire children through her books and toys and  wishes to bring love and healing to children all over the world.
Darryl Anne Cole

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