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Inspired Kids: Crystal Grid Maker

IMG_3893It is a huge honour and pleasure this month as always to introduce to you an incredibly gifted young “Inspired Kid”, Adam Garcia. The children that are with us at this special time on the planet have such important messages to share and Adam is definitely very special. He is also known as the crystal grid maker and at the impressive age of 10 he is already a powerful teacher and healer. He has a unique gift and can heal and speak to crystals and knows how important it is to communicate and bond with them so we can join together to help heal our planet and make it a wonderful place for us all to live happily together. We should all listen and learn from our younger generation as they are here to teach us! He is a crystal communicator and is wise beyond his years. I am delighted that he has taken the time to speak to Inspired World Magazine today and share his gifts and wisdom with our readers.

Adam it’s a pleasure to speak with you today. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family life and how you started your journey and connection with crystals at such a young age?

I live in Nevada but I was born in California.  I have two older sisters, one is ten years older and the other is eight years older.  I have a mom and a dad, a dog, fish, and a bearded dragon.  I started my journey with crystals when I was little and started mimicking the sounds of the frequencies of my sister’s stones.  I was about 18 months old at the time.  I’ve been connecting with rocks and crystals ever since and began my first grids by placing stones on people.  I call them rock treatments.

Do you feel that our ancestors used to talk to crystals but maybe we just stopped listening to them?

Yes. Some people have lost their intuition in their past lives and it’s hard to continue that when they are in their current lifetime.

Do you think that higher beings have programmed the consciousness of the crystals?

No.  Crystals are their own beings.  If the crystals wanted to be used in this way, they have free will to allow it.  They can be persuaded, but it is more of a partnership.  When you own a rock, it is more like a family member than a possession.

DSC06335What is it you can hear when you communicate with the crystals?

Sometimes I hear like roars.  Sometimes I hear voices, but the voices kind of creep me out because it’s like whispers.  Sometimes it’s like a boom, like a sonic boom.  Any sound really, it just depends on the crystal.  Most of the time I just feel from  them.  They send me pictures and feeling to communicate.  They connect with me through their own language of signs for different things.

What healing potentials do the crystals hold?

Crystals hold light, love, and healing energy.  They are helpful in balancing and healing the physical, the mental, the emotional and spiritual sides of ourselves.

Does the size of the crystal match its power and which crystal is your favourite?

No, size matters not – just like Yoda!  (Hahahahaha.)  Kyanite is my favorite crystal.

Can I ask you why Kyanite is your favourite?

Kyanite is my favorite because it connects to my energy field better than any rock that I have. It never needs clearing because it is highly vibrational and it has a great frequency. It helps to clear other stones too.

Adam crystal talk 062414What is your intentions when you use a crystal and how do the crystals work along side you?

My goal when I work with crystals is to make them stronger than they were before and to also help people with them.  They guide me as to how I should direct the energy, how to combine their energy to merge with other crystals creating a new frequency, and also how to create grids for specific purposes.

What would you love to do in your life to help heal people and our planet?

The World Grid Project!  I came up with the idea to ask people from all over the world to send me stones from their country, state, town, etc. I will use these stones to create a grid to help heal Mother Earth and her people.  The way it works is that the stones from all over the World will connect with one another, merging energies and sending healing to each place.   It’s a blend of frequency and vibration.  For instance, if there is one area of the world that needs an energy from a healing stone, but doesn’t have it, the World Grid will create a connection for it to receive that energy.

I’ve been collecting stones and crystals for about a month now and am accepting further donations through August.  You can see more information on my site,

 That’s so powerful Adam. We can ask our readers help you achieve this.  It would be incredible if all our readers could join together and send you crystals and be a part of this fantastic intention.

What are your dreams in life?

I want to be an author, travel the world and connect with people and crystals.

Does the growth pattern of the crystals affect or adjust the frequency of them?

Yes.  Depending on how they grow and their shape, their frequency changes.

Do the crystals keep you awake at night? and should we have them in our bedrooms?

Sometimes the crystals keep me awake at night when they want to be used.  My kyanite will keep vibrating because it wants to connect with me.  When this happens, I get up and hold it and try to calm it down with energy.  Crystals have feelings too.  Sometimes they are just lonely.

I think everyone should have crystals in their bedrooms, especially right next to their bed.

Does the position of the crystal in the room matter?

It just depends on the crystal and the specific energy of the room.  Each crystal has it’s own vibration and so does each room.  So it really depends on what you’re trying to do as to where and what crystals should be there.

What is the best way to cleanse crystals. There are so many ways that different people advise so i would love to hear how you cleanse your crystals?

There are many ways to cleanse crystals, but it depends on what kind you have as to how you should do it.  Some people like to use water or salt water, but some crystals and stones fall apart in this process.

I like to use my wand, which is made of copper and other quartz points, to clear negativity from crystals.  I will also place a ring of salt around a group of crystals and stones and leave them inside the ring of salt for 7 days.  The salt acts to pull out the negativity.

copy of grid healathonHow do the crystals make you feel and does each crystal give a different feeling or vibration?

They make me feel happy, except for the ones that have negative energy attached to them.  Each crystal has their own personality, vibration and energy, as well as healing properties.

Do you feel that mining the crystals is harming the Earth?

Yes.  It’s like taking the Earth apart.  To me it’s like taking children from their mother.  It’s not hurting the world physically, but mentally and emotionally.

By keeping stones and crystals close to us, we can form a bond that can help heal the damage that has been done.

Does it matter where the crystals originate from?

No.  They each hold their own energy depending on where they come from, but one place is not better than another.

What is the message the crystals want to share with us and what is their most dominant intention.

The crystals want to heal the world.  They want to form a partnership with humans in order to do this.  As we work together to heal the world, we heal everything.

You are such an inspirational young man and very wise beyond your years. How does this affect your school life or friendships if at all? or do you feel its a positive influence?

Thank you.  It is a positive influence, because I really like being me!  It doesn’t really affect my school life or friendships.  I’m in boy scouts, soccer and baseball and have a good time with my friends.  When they ask me questions about crystals, energy or ghosts I just help them out.

Do you help teach your friends about crystals and their amazing healing abilities?

Yes.  Whenever  they  ask me.  I started out doing this with my family when I was little.  If someone had a headache or stomach ache, I would go get a rock or crystal from my collection and tell them where to put it on their body.  I still do that.

What do you feel your soul purpose is and what are your plans for the future if you have made any?

I’m here to be in the moment and see what comes next.  I like to shine my light so other people can see their own light.  I’m glad the crystals are a part of that.

crystal grid 0812Can you explain to our readers all about the crystal grid you have created that is in the picture? and the healing powers it has.

The grid in the video is best explained by watching the video itself.  I go into lots of detail there.  The healing power of the grid is that is lifts and transmutes dark energy.

Why have you selected the crystals you have and does each crystal big or small play its own part in the grid.

Each crystal plays it’s own part in the grid.  They tell me which ones need to be in the grid.

What is your biggest message you would like to share with us today?

ROCK ON!  Hahahahahahaha, just kidding.

Don’t take life so seriously.  It’s important to play everyday.  It’s okay to believe, even if other people don’t understand.  And always listen to your heart.

If you’d like to help me out with my World Grid project, you can send stones or crystals to:


Adam Garcia

c/o Danielle Garcia

6935 Aliante Pkwy, ste 104 #108

North Las Vegas, NV 89084


Thank you Adam for your time today you are an inspiration! I wish you the best of luck with your World grid project and I look forward to reading your inspirational books and hearing about the beautiful life adventures you have along the way travelling and healing this incredible planet.

Thank you, so much for your time.  I like doing this and sharing more information about crystals with everyone.  Love and light, Adam


Darryl Anne Cole

Darryl Anne Cole

Darryl Anne Mooney lives In East Sussex with her Four Children and  dog Lola. Darryl is passionate about teaching children about angels and the importance of love and self worth. She has been inspired by her own life journey and the incredible valuable lessons she has learned along the way. Through experiencing many challenges, Darryl has transformed her life from sadness and negativity to a life filled with love and joy. Darryl now enjoys mentoring and inspiring people to do the same through the power of love and self belief. Darryl’s is delighted to inspire children through her books and toys and  wishes to bring love and healing to children all over the world.
Darryl Anne Cole

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