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Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting

When my daughter Lauren was born and placed in my arms it was the most incredible feeling of LOVE I had ever encountered. My heart expanded and a rush of pure emotion filled me from head to toe! As I stared into her beautiful blue eyes and touched her wrinkly fingers words cannot describe the power of the bond we made that day. I made her a promise from the very depth of my soul that I would dedicate my life to helping her have the best life she could. Back then I didn’t understand the journey that promise would take me on and how it would impact my own life and how I viewed the world.

I suppose back then my views of parenting came from ego. I wanted the best of everything for her. The best clothes, schools, material items which I thought really were important to children. Yes, that’s what children need, and yes we all need “stuff” but 18 years later oh boy have my parenting skills been tweaked! I have discovered what really is vital and important in children’s lives and I would love to share with you what I feel as a conscious parent is important to teach our children.

When we first introduce our babies to our friends and family everyone is so excited to see who they look like and the similarities there are. Whose nose and eyes they have and how they look like some distant aunt you’ve never met! It can be funny but there is such an important lesson to know right from birth that we may look similar but each of us are so unique that it is important to honor this right from the very beginning of our tiny lives so we may be allowed to grow into the best versions of ourselves we can be.

Back then I saw my baby as a reflection of myself. I didn’t quite grasp the fact that there right in front of me in the pram was the most incredible soul embarking on her own journey in life!! Little did I know I would also be blessed with three more sons who have rocked my world. Of course they are all different – that is the joy in recognizing my children as unique souls and not just clones of myself as I first believed.

The best about being a mum is observing all my children and embracing their differences. Watching to see their own journey and soul purpose unfold gradually. We are all so beautifully unique especially children and  one of the most important roles as a parent is to connect with your child and tune into what it is exactly they need to learn and understand – to be the gatekeeper of their soul! Most importantly to guide them rather than dictate. I always tell my children be mindful of your own path and experiences and don’t compare yourself with anyone else’s life as that is their experience. Teaching our children self-awareness, acceptance and most importantly self-love is vitally important. These incredible tools are paramount I feel in helping them live a life of fulfillment and love.

Being a conscious parent is all about being awake. Tuning into your child and using your intuition to guide you exactly how to help them help themselves.  I am very passionate about teaching children life skills in order to deal with whatever problems may arise which will help them grow into conscious adults.  When my child comes to me crying I don’t ask what’s wrong, I ask what do you need? How do you feel, not what did somebody say or do. By allowing them to observe themselves and tune into how they feel about themselves takes them always back to center.

Watching our children step out in life and into their vulnerability is also challenging, as we just want to wrap them in cotton wool and protect them from everything but this is not helping them and being conscious is seeing the lesson and the growth rather than the story or the fear!

When I first became a parent I thought that it was my role to teach them everything but when I look inside the eyes of my children I see their souls and I know they in fact have come to teach me! It’s a mutual contract of love and respect for each other. When we know who we are as parents, that is the first step in being role models for our children and in turn allowing them the space and security to find out who they are! We are all reflections of the Divine a miracle of life and I feel it’s vital to remind our children that. If we connect with our childrens’purpose, nourish and encourage it, we have really fulfilled our purpose as parents!

There are some beautiful books available to help with the task of conscious parenting, some of my favorite children’s authors are Neale Donald Walsch and Eckhart Tolle.  I also encourage children to meditate – to go within and to breathe and be calm to listen to whatever whispers may come from within. My five year old Zandah will naturally take himself off somewhere quiet to meditate and it fascinates me!

Learning to value and love ourselves first is the most important skills we can teach our children to help them see we are all unique and special! This is what I am passionate about and am excited about     sharing in my children’s book “Angelique Magnifisique meets her guardian angel and the series of books to follow.

My journey as a mum has been incredible and especially as an Independent mum! To start my journey young and unaware of the importance of being a conscious parent to now being wide awake and each day growing and loving each moment more and more! It has brought so much joy and love to my life I am filled with huge gratitude! Helping my children find their own purpose inspires me, fills me with passion and keeps me driven daily to guide and nurture not only my own but all children worldwide!

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Darryl Anne Cole

Darryl Anne Cole

Darryl Anne Mooney lives In East Sussex with her Four Children and  dog Lola. Darryl is passionate about teaching children about angels and the importance of love and self worth. She has been inspired by her own life journey and the incredible valuable lessons she has learned along the way. Through experiencing many challenges, Darryl has transformed her life from sadness and negativity to a life filled with love and joy. Darryl now enjoys mentoring and inspiring people to do the same through the power of love and self belief. Darryl’s is delighted to inspire children through her books and toys and  wishes to bring love and healing to children all over the world.
Darryl Anne Cole

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