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Posted by on 23 Mar 2018 | 0 comments

Inspired Gardening with Barbara Ponder

Getting Ready for Spring

Ultra excited – I have taken over an empty allotment next to the existing one! It has no fencing between it and the field next door but has had a couple of tarpaulins laid over it, covering about half of it so there are not too many weeds. A friend has given me some stock fencing which is just enough to cover the area between it and the field. Now I am waiting for a dry and warm enough couple of days to get that in place. Then I will plant some blackberry bushes along the length of it as there are none in the fruit allotment.

The main plan for this one is to use it for the permanent beds of vegetables that do not need to be rotated and that take up a lot of space like sweetcorn; courgettes; squash etc. Unfortunately, the asparagus is already established in the original veggie plot but I may put some more crowns in as I love it.

Also, the same friend has also promised me her polytunnel, which is 10ft x 19ft, at the end of the summer which will also go on this plot. Good times.

In the meantime, I have finally planted a couple of rhubarb crowns in the fruit section but will not benefit from them until next year as they need a full year before harvesting. If I do it this year it will affect its robustness according to the experts.

The ‘Beast from the East’ and storm Emma have given us snow and Siberian icy winds, so have not be able to get over to the allotment.

Never mind, I have been able to start some seeds off indoors. I have some aubergine in a propagator and leeks, onions and sweet peppers in seed trays in the spare bedroom.

On the second day of the bad weather 2 blueberry shrubs that I had ordered arrived so they also were put in a tray in the spare bedroom and watered until I was able to get over and plant them alongside the other 4 that I have there already.

I have also managed to spread the last of the manure on the plot set aside for potatoes as I ran out of time before the winter set in. I also emptied the inherited compost bin that seemed to be full of dried grass – and I removed the 15 slabs from underneath it! Now it is empty and sitting solidly on the earth I will be able to use it properly and alternate it with the existing one to provide rich green manure on a regular basis.

I check up on the seeds every day and so was pleased to see that they are all taking. Isn’t it such an awesome (and I mean that as in full of AWE) experience to see those tiny green shoots appear through the dark compost – and all from a tiny seed? Nature is indeed wonderful.

The garden is looking nice with crocus, both yellow & purple blooming along side primula and daffodils. There are no snowdrops in the garden; however a couple of friends have promised me some for next spring. The lilac and wisteria are starting to bud and there is a definite feel of spring around especially as, while walking the dog in the forest this morning, I thought I heard a cuckoo very briefly. I will listen out for it again over the next few days as that is also another sign of Spring being almost upon us.


Barbara Ponder

Barbara Ponder

I am Spirit inhabiting an earthly body as a female of a certain age living in Norfolk with 6 cats, 2 dogs and a fish pond within a large garden. This has led to a passion for gardening and the renting of some allotments.

I am a Spiritual Healer and have been retired for quite a few years from the caring profession.

I have been blessed with 4 wonderful children and 11 grandchildren.

I have a great interest in the natural world around me, believing that we are all brothers and sisters together, and as such, should unite to overcome the many obstacles that prevent us moving forward in love.
Barbara Ponder

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