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Posted by on 1 May 2014 | 0 comments

Inspired Beauty

Take the word responsibility,

It is comprised of 2 words Response and Ability.
It is one of the most important things we have- the ability to respond.
It is strange therefore that we hand so much responsibilty over to big companies that tell us lies year in, year out.

IF their adverts were true we would all look 20 years younger and have zero facial lines. Yet most of us look the same or similar age to how we looked 1-2 years ago, no matter how many hundreds of pounds worth of products we might use.

So if we are told things that do not materialise, why do people keep on trusting them? Curious isnt it?! I was given an expensive  very well known moisturiser from a famous skincare brand one christmas years ago. I was blessed as my skin was excellent anyhow and I didn’t need any particuar cream or potion on it but I duly applied  the cream with great attention to detail all over my face and neck that Christmas evening.

By Boxing day morning my face was swollen, red, itchy and sore. I looked like a right wally!. I looked like an inflammed and angry pomegranate for the next 5 days. I threw the cream away. I have never trusted skincare companies quite the same ever since.

I do feel we need to take some responsibilty for what we buy or use on our skin. If a company is advertising their cream/product on TV it is going to cost them. A lot.

Companies have to reclaim their money somehwere so it is easier to use cheaper ingredients and fancier packaging to entice you to buy rather than using good quality often expensive ingredients that actually do the job. When you stop seeing Liquid paraffin or Petroleum on the back label, you know the company is more serious about the quality of stuff it is producing.

It is always advisable to to test a little of any skincare product you purchase on your forearm just to be sure you are not allergic to anything within the product….even an essential oil.
If you were to respond adversely to something you might prefer to have a negative  reaction on your forearm rather than your face!!?!

Think of the aspect of claims made against companies when people have had awful skin reactions to products they have used. Besides the cost it is not doing much for the companies reputation!

There is a well known story of a VERY well known company (one we all know) that made a claim. The claim was proved to be untrue. The company was sued. Did they care?


They were fined millions of dollars. They had made millions more than they were fined so it was no skin off their nose!

So if you talk to a small company, preferably can talk to those that own the company and maybe those that make the products, if you can ask any question you want, wouldn’t that be better?

The smaller companies want to have happy customers and feel they are offering a real service to the precious and highly valued customers. They want to keep their great reputation!. They get a real kick out of seeing great results when people use their products.

So when you go to buy skincare or mouthcare or haircare products for yourself and your family, think small, think local perhaps, think British/UK and think accountable. Take responsibilty and be pleased you have your control back. Trust companies that PROVE themselves to be honest and taking responsibility for you and themselves and the environment. Happy shopping!

Linda Anousta



Linda Anousta trained as a nurse (SEN and SRN)and got to be Nursing Sister, a dream she had from 16 years old.
After 15 years nursing  and also working with a Consultant Dermatologist in Harley Street, London, Linda changed course.
First she retrained in Massage and Aromatherapy, and then she went back to college to train as a Beauty therapist and to study  Science for Public Understanding at AS level.
Over the next 12 years, Linda worked in her own business as a beauty therapist and Aromatherapist, whilst also  continuing to train in 12 different areas from Baby massage to making Natural Skincare. Her true  passion now discovered, Natural Skincare products, she consumed books and articles at  a keen pace and gave talks around the south of England. She has spoken at small and large venues and shared stages with a variety of well known people from Janey lee Grace, Dr John Millward and Dr Krishan.
15 years on from the launch of her own  product range, Anousta Products, she advises men and women  on how to resolve their skin and health issues. She provides Luxury skincare for all at affordable prices. She helps mums and dads who have children with anything from Acne to Eczema. She loves helping people move towards  her skin friendly and planet friendly products and seeing how their health and well being improves.
Having experienced a variety of health problems and learned how to deal with them, she is well equipped to give advice having sorted out her own  health issues first!

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