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Posted by on 6 Oct 2013 | 0 comments

Inspired Beauty by Linda – October 2013


Milk Thistle is an old established safe and effective herb. It’s been used forever! It acts as a liver tonic, it detoxifies, helps with hangovers, and assists with fat metabolism. The EU have decided that it should not be available to us… unless a company is prepared to pay £100,000 to jump through all the loops and tick all the boxes. Does that seem right to you? The cost goes up and what was a relatively cheap herb becomes more expensive, maybe less available for some, and costs these companies a fortune to be able to have the right to sell to us at all. As it is good for helping to create good digestion, which in turn helps keep our immune system strong, it also in turn helps our skin bloom. It will of course help the general look and function of our skin too. So, who cares? You might ask. Well read on…

Milk of Magnesia has just been removed because it may be a little high in sulphates. So, how is this fair when you read that companies you all know very well indeed, and that are regularly on TV adverts banging on about how good and pure their product is, are found to have some rather unpleasant ingredients in their wipes, creams and lotions? Yes I am talking about the almost impossible to pronounce preservative that is abbreviated to just MI for everyone’s sakes! Nasty stuff, yet allowed to be in some everyday items such a s baby wipes and Nivea face cream that many of you may be using.

So, here we see big business and big pharma at play. One rule for one section of the community and another rule for the other section of community.

Okay, I will get off my high horse and go back to skincare! Many ladies come in to my shop and say they want great skin. I explain that I can easily provide them with my excellent face cleanser, toner and a choice of up to five different gorgeous moisturisers, but that is simply not enough.

It will work very well up to a point of course but you need a clean insides to have a clean outside!

For those who will listen, I talk to them about the fabulous (and weight losing) 10 day Herbal detox sachets, and the yummy spearmint tasting Liquid Chlorophyll that makes us “less acid, and more alkaline”. Once their bowels are clean and they are more alkaline, I explain how important it is to re-populate the bowel with really good probiotics. No, not just lactobacillus acidophyllis but ELEVEN different kinds of good bowel bacteria to help keep us well and strong, able to fight off any invading bugs and microbes that can make us ill.

Have you ever looked your best after being sick? Exactly… so it’s easy and cheaper to stay well than to fall ill.

Water is so important and properly filtered tap water is, in my opinion ,better than water that has been sat around in plastic bottles for months in goodness knows what conditions. Taking enough water is essential and the hardest thing to get across to those who do not see that dehydration is a slow death.

Now they are clean on the outside and on the inside and they start to see the benefits in their skin. It starts to reward them and they begin to bloom. Now their skin is looking good because they are “ good” on the inside. Makes sense doesn’t it? Do you hear the beauticians talking like this?

When was the last time your Clinque, Clarins, Estee Lauder or any other house of beauty provider told you that you needed to clean your bowels? That’s what I thought!







Linda Anousta trained as a nurse (SEN and SRN)and got to be Nursing Sister, a dream she had from 16 years old.
After 15 years nursing  and also working with a Consultant Dermatologist in Harley Street, London, Linda changed course.
First she retrained in Massage and Aromatherapy, and then she went back to college to train as a Beauty therapist and to study  Science for Public Understanding at AS level.
Over the next 12 years, Linda worked in her own business as a beauty therapist and Aromatherapist, whilst also  continuing to train in 12 different areas from Baby massage to making Natural Skincare. Her true  passion now discovered, Natural Skincare products, she consumed books and articles at  a keen pace and gave talks around the south of England. She has spoken at small and large venues and shared stages with a variety of well known people from Janey lee Grace, Dr John Millward and Dr Krishan.
15 years on from the launch of her own  product range, Anousta Products, she advises men and women  on how to resolve their skin and health issues. She provides Luxury skincare for all at affordable prices. She helps mums and dads who have children with anything from Acne to Eczema. She loves helping people move towards  her skin friendly and planet friendly products and seeing how their health and well being improves.
Having experienced a variety of health problems and learned how to deal with them, she is well equipped to give advice having sorted out her own  health issues first!

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