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Posted by on 4 Sep 2013 | 0 comments

Inspired Astrology by Marsha – Sept 2013

We’ve all seen horoscope columns written in magazines and newspapers, but how much do you really know about astrology? Have you ever wondered just how astrologers make their predictions? Inspired World astrologer Marsha Massino explains, month by month, continuing this month with the basics, plus what is going on astrologically right now and how it might affect you.

Virgo New Moon on September 5th at 6:38 am CDT / 11:38 am GMT

Saturn opp Mars – restriction of action
Uranus square Jupiter – serve the self or greater good
Pluto square Uranus  – reformation of the masses
Pluto opposite Jupiter – transform philosophy/education

Virgo’s theme is service. With Moon and Sun in Earthy Virgo, you may feel the pull to be of help to others, perhaps behind the scenes. You could donate to a charity, volunteer to help the homeless, serve as a mentor to children who need guidance or work puzzles with the elderly.

This is the week that children in the US return to school. Summer vacation is over. The weather is still warm, but we must turn our attention to learning and remembering what we studied the previous school year.

The Pisces Full Moon occurs on 19 September at 6:13 am CDT / 11:13 am GMT

How may I help you to feel better?  That’s a statement that describes the Moon in Pisces (empathy) and the Sun in Virgo (service.)  This Full Moon has an emotional overtone with a predominance of planets in Water signs.

Discover the ideal way to satisfy the needs of those close to you: Take the time now to express what you need in order to feel secure in a relationship. After you do that, ask your partner what they need from you in order to feel secure and sure in relationship with you. Then act on that knowledge. It will pay off tenfold.

The Autumnal Equinox will take place in the Northern Hemisphere on 22 September

Ushering in the Fall season, a time when day and night are equal in length.

The Fall Equinox is the day that the Sun moves into the Cardinal sign of Libra.  Libra is ruled by Venus, which means that those with their Sun in Libra are oriented to relationships. Libra is also concerned with equality (balance) and justice.

Marsha Massino is an experienced and highly intuitive astrologer. Visit for more information.

Marsha Massino

Marsha has studied the art of astrology for over 30 years, and continues her study with Noel Tyl in his Master Astrology course. Marsha blends astrology with intuition, offering clients much more than a cookbook interpretation of their natal horoscope.  During a session you will not be overwhelmed with the jargon of astrology. Your chart interpretation will revolve around areas of life's patterns and conditioning:  parents, education, communication, resources, love...and more.

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