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Posted by on 29 Mar 2013 | 0 comments

Inspired Artist – Jacqueline Wood

Inspirational artist Jacqueline Wood shares with us some of her beautiful paintings and talks to us about her journey starting out as an artist…


Jacqueline Wood

Jacqueline Wood

I am someone who is always redefining who I am. Through studying Metaphysical teachings such as Abraham Hicks , Ekharte Tolle and Bashar to name a few. I have redefined what I think is possible in my life. More recently I have expanded in the area of portrait art. I truly believe that my deeper connection to myself and the Universe at large is allowing my skill as an artist to flow. I started a “night class” two years ago with a wonderful teacher. I recently held a two week exhibition of my Art work. Following my inspired impulses I manifested a huge shop to exhibit my art work ,in a busy shopping center completely rent free for two week. They handed me the keys with no contract or even my address. It was a wonderful time. From the third person who entered asking for a commission. I am also Mother with a 5 year old daughter she is my inspiration, most prolific teacher and she is gorgeous!
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Jacqueline Wood

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