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Posted by on 15 Dec 2013 | 0 comments

I’m Very Stressed you See…

People with troubled skin often blame stress…in which case we should all have skin problems. People blame Eczema on stress…in which case we should all have Eczema. I am frequently trying to get across to people that STRESS does not cause a condition but it does exacerbate it!
When people come to me with problems they frequently tell me they have been trying all sorts of different products and I tell them I strongly believe that it has only made their problem worse! So many different chemicals, natural or otherwise can totally confuse the skin.
When in doubt STOP! Use NOTHING! The skin is remarkable and will often right itself if you give it a little time…may only be 2-3 days.

The next thing to establish is whether the skin problem is internally triggered (Eczema or Psoriasis) or externally triggered (such as contact with “skincare” products).
When people are willing to believe the hype about big beauty companies latest products without questioning it, they become the perfect customers. They are willing guinea pigs.
The large companies are able to pay vast sums of money to celebrities to endorse their products and people appear to be persuaded by this. It doesn’t mean what they say is necessarily true!
L’Oreal were charged millions for claiming a product did xy znd z a few years ago without any proof to back it up. When investigated, they found it was NOT true and were duly fined MILLIONS of dollars. Did they care?! No, as the fine was not enough. They had already made millions more on the back of their claims and sales of product so they still profited.
A friend of mine once did some electrical work in a huge UK factory for a very well known brand. On finishing the job, the manager came across to thank him and offer a basket full of their shampoo, conditioner and skincare items. His parting words were “A gift for you. You are welcome to use it if you want but I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole…I know what’s in it!” Encouraging stuff!

The most important element of any skincare routine is the CLEANSER. There is no point putting an expensive anti-ageing cream on the skin if the pores are clogged with dirt, grime and old make-up. 
Your face is exposed to fumes and dirt every day. Not to mention the number of times every day we touch our skin with our hands, which are not always clean!
Using a cleanser with a natural ingredient that helps to draw dirt from the skin without stripping it is vital. Castor Oil may sound old-fashioned but it works. Combine it with Jojoba Oil and you’re getting an effective cleanser with a wonderful skin softener. Take a look at my YOUTUBE video on the FACE CLEANSER and all will be revealed!

If you are unsure, always start using unscented Cleanser or Unscented products and never touch “perfumed” products as these nearly always trigger a negative skin reaction. You can always move across to a delicately scented product once the skin is calm and working well.
Toners are not something the average British woman seems to use. The French ladies copy their mum’s routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise routine as standard.
Getting English ladies to understand and do this is slightly trickier as so many women have NOT seen their mums have a good make up removal system. They witness a tired overworked mum slap a face wipe with all its horrible ingredients across the face and often fall into bed, not having even washed the face clean with warm water. There appears little joy let alone pampering routine to the removal of the make up at night and the application of Toner and a beautiful caring natural moisturiser applied gently to the face.

The purpose of toning is 3 fold:
– To close the pores down as tight as possible so as to allow as little dirt as possible in.
– To remove any remaining cleanser that may be left on the skin after rinsing.
– To help tone the skin and keep it firm, tight and youthful looking.

Why would you NOT want to do this?! Using a £2.99 special from your local supermarket does not count. Look at the ingredients…Alcohol, Petroleum based perfume and cancer inducing preservatives. These damage you as well as polluting the environment.
A wiser choice would be a hydrolat (such as rose water, orange water or chamomile water) with Colloidal Silver added. The Silver acts as a preservative for the product but also as a natural antibiotic for the skin, helping to reduce the chance of pimples and spots developing. Finally a real ESSENTIAL OIL to give scent as well as having proven benefits to the skin.
Then, and only then, can you consider applying a good, safe moisturiser that will give soothing benefits.
The whole process of cleaning, toning and moisturising should only take around 5 minutes, usually at night. The benefits will be seen for years! When your friends have tired looking skin, yours will be vibrant and healthy!

Eczema and Psoriasis…well that’s a bigger story…we need to talk!

Water is so important and properly filtered tap water is, in my opinion, better than water that has been sat around  in plastic bottles for months in goodness knows what conditions. Taking enough water is essential and the hardest thing to get across to those who do not see that dehydration is a slow death.

Now they are clean on the outside and on the inside and they start to see the benefits in their skin. It starts to reward them and they begin to bloom. Now their skin is looking good because they are “ good” on the inside. Makes sense doesn’t it? Do you hear the beauticians talking like this?

When was the last time your Clinque, Clarins, Estee Lauder or any other house of beauty provider told you that you needed to clean your bowels? That’s what I thought!



Linda Anousta trained as a nurse (SEN and SRN)and got to be Nursing Sister, a dream she had from 16 years old.
After 15 years nursing  and also working with a Consultant Dermatologist in Harley Street, London, Linda changed course.
First she retrained in Massage and Aromatherapy, and then she went back to college to train as a Beauty therapist and to study  Science for Public Understanding at AS level.
Over the next 12 years, Linda worked in her own business as a beauty therapist and Aromatherapist, whilst also  continuing to train in 12 different areas from Baby massage to making Natural Skincare. Her true  passion now discovered, Natural Skincare products, she consumed books and articles at  a keen pace and gave talks around the south of England. She has spoken at small and large venues and shared stages with a variety of well known people from Janey lee Grace, Dr John Millward and Dr Krishan.
15 years on from the launch of her own  product range, Anousta Products, she advises men and women  on how to resolve their skin and health issues. She provides Luxury skincare for all at affordable prices. She helps mums and dads who have children with anything from Acne to Eczema. She loves helping people move towards  her skin friendly and planet friendly products and seeing how their health and well being improves.
Having experienced a variety of health problems and learned how to deal with them, she is well equipped to give advice having sorted out her own  health issues first!

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