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Posted by on 1 Jun 2016 | 0 comments

I found myself in Ireland

warm-1038148_960_720I found myself in Ireland. Not “oh hey, I happen to be in Ireland,” but I became whole in Ireland. That’s a big statement, becoming whole. I would explain this as meeting and learning to work with my higher self. It happened on a solo walking trip from a little town outside of Galway to Doolin. I stepped into myself. I found inner peace. I found forgiveness for all including myself. I found happiness. I lost the burden I had always be carrying and the life time of searching had come to an end.

“I feel healed,” is a phrase I have been using ever since this extraordinary experience in May 2014. I am healed. I know this because as I watch myself I see a woman who is open to relationships of all kinds. I see a woman making her decisions from a place of love, not fear. I see a woman who has faith that the world wants what’s best for her and that working with my higher self if how I partake in co-creating my best life.

Please let me take you back and tell you how I came to be in Ireland. I have been moving consistently since I became and adult. I was so sure the next place held my happiness. Or always thinking “No, wait let’s go back to the last place maybe I missed something there”. Looking for a rock unturned that would have been hiding my happiness this whole time. When I realized the moving was not working I switch to traveling. A trip every year searching for answers, a sign, something, anything that would end the internal war and bring peace. That was what I was actually hoping for. I could not dare to dream of the gift I did get; me.

In 2012 I came to the decision that I was just going to have to pick a place on the map and go there. In doing so, I would not be looking for happiness but creating it in a foreign land. I picked Croatia. It was a country I had visited in 2008 and very much enjoyed. In October 2013 I got on a plane. Europe bound.

Upon arriving in Zadar Croatia, a coastal town, I saw the sun making an ‘X marks the spot’, sign on the side of a building. I was sure I was here for good. The world had other plans, better plans. Being in Croatia, I learned to listen to divine guidance. Well, I began to understand what that meant and was trying my best to work with it. It was hard and took a lot of commitment to get better. I knew I was getting the hang of it when I realized I was preparing to leave Croatia. I did not know where I was going but knew deep down inside, this was the right decision.

I went to Italy. During a 3 month stay in Florence I became a master at listening to my divine guidance. I did not fully understand it, I just trusted it. When the idea of going to Ireland starting dancing around the edges of my conscious mind I was open to going. It made no sense at all financially, weather wise, or location wise, to me but I was going anyways. Ireland was like another planet to me. I knew it existed but I never thought of it or dreamed I would find answers there.

Upon arriving in Ireland the need to be out doors came over me like a wave. I wanted, needed, to be outside all day, walking around. In Galway I talked with the hostel staff and learned walking was common here. All I had to do was pick a place to walk to. I picked Doolin because it’s small, beautiful and magical. I had seen Doolin on a tour to the cliffs of Moher while in Galway and fell in love with it.

I had no idea when I got off the bus, in the little village in the Irish country side that day, that I would find all I was looking for and, more just a few days later. I look back at the conversation with the bus driver and should have known something extraordinary was waiting for me. “What are you looking for?” he said. “I don’t know but I will know it when I find it.” I replied. He smiled and said “that’s the best way to go about it”

It was on day three of the seven days of walking that I met myself. That the pieces came together. That I became whole. This is where I discovered who I really was. How I could live a life of happiness. And how I know what my heart is saying and that it is up to me to follow it.


Nadean Ollech

Nadean Ollech

Nadean Ollech is a spiritual life coach with a degree in Religion. She is the founder of Healed Daisy Intuitive Guidance, where she helps women connect with themselves, learn to recognize their guidance, and live their best life. She is a co-author of the international best selling 365 Ways to Connect to your Soul and 365 Days of Grace. As well as a regular contributor to Trifecta Magazine. You can find her on face book at Nadean ollech and healddaisyintuitiveguidance.
Nadean Ollech

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