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Posted by on 18 May 2016 | 0 comments

How to meet your deadline gracefully

meeting deadline gracefullyI was listening to my mentor talk about his latest publication for Hay House and how he’s never been late for a deadline but has been known to turn books in within 5 mins of the deadline.

It gave me a sense of relief to know that someone of his reputation still experienced a similar stress to the rest of us.

He explained to me how he now loves deadlines, how they help him focus his attention and help him know what to prioritise and what not, but in reality they’re 100% made up.

This got me thinking about how often we make up deadlines for ourselves.


Like today when I spoke with one of my clients and she was considering asking for financial help from a friend but certain the friend would want to be repaid within a month.

How did she know that without asking first?

Perhaps the urgency of deadlines invite us to take faster action, but I also wonder if maybe we’re just so addicted to the pressure to succeed, to buy, to decide NOW that without a deadline we might turn into a bunch of lazy lay arounds ?

What’s wrong with that anyway?

In a world where we’re bombarded with action and the pressure to succeed now ,how do we meet deadlines , gracefully and on time?


3 ways to meet your deadline gracefully.

1) Simplify and Focus

Deadlines let you know what’s a priority, when you’re under one it’s the perfect time to prioritise effectively.

Look at what you need to say “no” to, who you need help from, what you might need to let go off so you can meet the deadline stress free and on time.


2) Consider the stress.

Consider if the opportunity in front of you is  worth your efforts to meet the deadline?

If it is get prioritising, if not let it go, don’t engage un-necessarily in things if there’s little advantage to you and it’s just a good opportunity, it won’t be the only one!

If on the other hand you work for someone else and the deadline is non negotiable go back to step one so you can meet it on time.


3) Let them motivate you rather than kill you.

Deadlines can be useful in getting you motivated (when worth it) and they force you into action where  you might otherwise procrastinate forever.

Begin to use them as a positive means for forward movement you might not otherwise achieve, rather than seeing them as what they are, lines which if crossed, used to mean you were a dead man!


Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is a success coach for women entrepreneurs. She helps women increase their confidence and their earning power to create stylish lives and businesses they love, Grace was recently nominated for Coach of the year 2015.

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