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Posted by on 24 Apr 2013 | 0 comments

Higher Wisdom Channelled

Let us take a moment to celebrate the beauty of you. I laugh now and invite you to create the space in your diary to include your dance of delight. Oh yes indeed, call to your heart and mind all that you love and are grateful for, but just as importantly, recognise and enjoy your own inherent greatness. Celebrate you and infuse your lives with yet more love and enjoyment, heightening your experience of a joyful life and opening you to divine inspiration.

You are marvelous are you not? In all your wisdom, together with your higher helpers, you chose to come forth into life! You are a living breathing miracle. Your soul loves you and blesses you each and everyday. The more you choose to engage with and explore your soul through your heart centre, moving into an intimate relationship with your heart’s qualities, wisdom and glory, the more you can infuse your life with its essence. Oh yes! To live from your heart gives your life great meaning and purpose, for everything you touch is blessed with a light infusion, and the softness brightens the world you live in. So many of you are in touch with the soul qualities of love, readiness and courage, choosing to live from your hearts. The divine inspiration flows to you and through. There has been a mighty invitation to live from love and you have heard it, another remarkable reason to celebrate! I ask, what does this mean for you? Why not let your imagination wander down the road of new possibilities so that you may choose to take steps that are in accordance with your heart’s visions? And look! Another reason to celebrate! Let each step be a cause to dance, to move with your soul’s song librating you into your greater potential.

As I look across the earth plane now, and to you, I see the limitless potential for the joys of unity and communities coming together. You have your own unique path of self discovery, this path often meets with others who can support you, and others for you to support. What a beautiful way to live! People, lives, projects, coming together, friendships formed, visions held lovingly, hearts in hand, connecting with others while retaining each individual’s own unique essence. Yet do not hold on tightly – paths do not fuse, they complement, and for some, time may call for them to part. This often shows that you are both ready to enter yet another new dimension of self discovery, another reason to thank and celebrate all that you are and all who you have met.

Your true nature is adventurous! It loves to explore, dance, play and venture into the new. Your body, your cells, are alight with your soul’s intentions. They can be accessed as gateways to your soul’s wisdom through inner exploration. Your body, your cells, can unleash new waves of light, light infused with gifts and abilities. How many cells do you have? Trillions! So then, your potential is incalculable. Do you see the importance of believing in yourself? In dreaming bigger and allowing your heart and imagination to show you what excites and motivates you? Yes, many call, oh yes! Wonderful! Follow the trail, greet each level of unfoldment for what it truly is – a blessing and a friend, no matter how it appears. It is not always easy, but I and many others walk with you joyfully, guiding and supporting you.

I see so many yet to discover why they are here. Do not concern your self. Not all who appear lost are truly lost, you maybe are coming to your brink of discovery. Believing this is so helps shift your world to be in alignment with this. Reach out and assist others with this too if your heart’s wisdom calls for it. It may call for you to have patience, lay down your judgements and let their discovery arise in their own time. It can be most exciting embarking on a vision quest, to see what ignites and excites you, to discover what motivates you and then move in that direction. Be at ease and know that you can not make a wrong decision, only become clearer upon which direction to move into or away from, no experience is ever wasted when viwed from the wisdom of your soul. All paths lead home.

You are forever blessed
Forever in Love


Channelled by Katie Speed

Katie Speed

Katie Speed

Katie is a gifted channel from a rural town in Staffordshire UK. She’s been living and working with the awareness of angels since 2001, after late one night when a very tall and dazzlingly bright angel appeared illuminating the dark room she was in and started the re- awakening her childhood gifts. Since then, she’s trained in different healing modalities before going on to work as an intuitive coach and facilitate angelic and soul centred workshops. Katie fully embraces her gifts of channelling and works closely with Shimlaya, a beautiful evolved being of divine consciousness that speaks through her. Together their work continues to evolve so that they can be of greater assistance to others through personal readings, group readings, writings and teaching.

Katie Speed

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