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Posted by on 2 Mar 2018 | 0 comments

Gaia’s Bathroom by Rachel Upton

So it’s 4 degrees outside and not much warmer in the cottage. I have spent the majority of the day trying to fix the boiler. My hair is matted with soot, I have split my lip, bumped my head on the flue several times and my finger nails… well… they look like I’ve been working on a boiler all day, and yesterday and the day before that, which actually, I have. Beloved is away and although I have messaged him and sent polite physic nudges, I’ve had no reply. I am cold and filthy and feeling a little heart bruised. To say the least.

Funny how bruises spread isn’t it. You start with an initial injury, a bump, a jolt, a shock and as the colour rises you go from ‘l think I’m Ok’ to ‘Good grief, will you look at the size of that!’.

Heart bruises are no different. Initial damage possibly not too apparent, possibly strangely exciting to begin with but then, as the shadow spreads, you begin to feel tired, touchy and worn. Given time, a little emotional soot, a split lip and nail and boom, it’s a whopper.

The remedy?

For me the remedy is lying in a large, violet coloured jar in the bathroom. It glistens on the shelf. It is filled with intoxicating scents, hope and the promise of restoration.

For me the bathroom is a sanctuary. A temple, a shelter for the wounded soul, a hiding place for tears, a reliable and accommodating friend, a space for meditation and reflection, for cleansing and revival. Womb space, temple and portal to home and the unlimited. I enter undone and return reborn.

I should point out that we have a bath and not a shower in our bathroom. Nothing fancy.  Just simple, plain and white and although I love the sensation of water cascading over my body, I cannot get away from the feeling that a bath, laden with salts and herbs, a candle lit altar and some freshly made incense… well, that is sacred time and l treasure it deeply.

Baths have enjoyed a long history as places of healing and rejuvenation, whether that be as hot springs, warm thermal spas or icy, cool, mountain pools, natural basins or manmade containers. With the addition of herbs and minerals, salts and plant essences to alleviate pains, soothing the skin, and relieving stress. We have installed them in our homes to cleanse, calm and rebalance ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  There is much to be said in favour of the shower, but a bath just seems to reach places a shower can’t.

So with my bruised heart I am off to the bathroom to proffer myself some kindness.

If you are feeling a little worn by the winters chill, a little love lost, or longing for some hearts ease than this is for you…


Uplifting Rose Bath Soak

1 cup Epsom salts

1 cup Himalayan pink salt

1/2 tbsp Grapeseed or Calendula Oil

1 drop or (3 drops at 5% dilution) Rose* or Geranium essential oil.

3 drops Bergamot essential oil

1 tbsp blossoms Rose Buds, Calendula, Borage (choose one or create a mixture of 2 or 3)


Place all the salts into a glass bowl and combine using a wooden spoon.

Measure and pour your calendula or grapeseed oil into a separate container before carefully adding the essential oils drop by drop. Swirl to mix and stir into the salts with the wooden spoon. You are aiming to distribute the oils evenly throughout.

Add the flowers of your choice. Some people hate flowers in the bath and some people can’t put enough in. Personally I only like a few blossoms bobbing about, so I leave the amount you use to your discretion. If you would like to benefit from the flowers without them being physically present in the water I suggest you make them into a tea with 500mls of boiling water, strain it and then add the tea to the tub.

Put your mixture into a glass jar and seal it with a lid then set aside. Leave for a minimum of 1 hour to allow the fragrances to synergise.

If you want to carry this into a ritual experience use a pale green or soft pink coloured candle and burn a pinch of frankincense and myrrh on a charcoal disc to release the past, soothe and calm your nerves, raise your vibration and invoke the nurturing, supportive energies of divine feminine spirit. (This is just as beneficial for men as it is for women.)


An invocation for healing and love

‘As I now take the time to be still with and within myself.

I call upon my highest self to bring me comfort and ease

To release me from the trials and concerns of my day

To ease my heart

And to fill and surround me with an aura of comfort and love.

Thank you thank you thank you. And it is done’


When you are ready to take your bath, run the water first then add a handful of salts and flowers or salts and bath tea to the water. Swirl gently to dissolve the salt and mix the oil before you enter the bath.

Lie back and enjoy 20 minutes or so of calm and tranquillity.

Enjoy the candle light playing on the water or flickering across the room. Breathe deeply as you enjoy the essential oils lifting into the air. Enjoy the sensation of the flowers working their gentle magic on your skin. Take some time to reflect upon and release your day or the experiences you need to release.

Take care as you leave the water, your feet may be slippery.

Pat your skin dry and take some time to relax, drink some water and reflect.

Happy bathing.

Epsom  Salt Pink Salt  Rose Bergamot Calendula Borage
Mythical Properties Cleansing





Beauty, Unconditional Love, Fertility, Romance, Protection, Peace, Harmony Releases emotional pain,


Cheerfulness, Healing, Protection, Clearing negative energies, Good luck Divination Optimism, Healing, Peace, Tranquillity in the home and domestic relationships, Courage
Medicinal Properties Detoxifying

Relieves aches and pains

Balances and regulates cell functions

Mineral rich

Regulates and balances cell functions


Balance hormones, Relieve anxiety,

Relaxes and uplifts

Powerful antidepressant

Relieves joint and muscle pain,

Aids digestive system,

Soothes skin irritations,


Soothe inflammation and irritation

Speed healing

Alleviate cramps

Vitamin and mineral rich,

Wound healing,

Immune boosting


Please take responsibility for your wellbeing. *If you are or think you may be pregnant, have a medical condition or any concerns please seek advice from an appropriate professional.











Rachel Upton

Rachel Upton

Naturally intuitive, with a background in neuro-linguistic programming, metaphysics, holistic body work and women’s energy therapy. Rachel has a deep appreciation and understanding of the subtle intricacies which come together to form our being and a great advocate of the benefits of spending time in nature, grounding daily and enjoying the sensory delights of being here now.

Rachel facilitates private and group sessions in Surrey and West Sussex offering meditation, healing, spiritual development and intuitive coaching. She also produces the Sacred Circle Natural Incenses range of handmade oils, balms and loose incenses for ritual, meditation and therapeutic practices.


Rachel Upton

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