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Posted by on 4 May 2018 | 0 comments

Gaia’s Bathroom by Rachel Upton

Oil of surrender

It’s been a funny month. Lots of issues coming up to be shovelled through. I say shovelled because that’s what’s been required. No delicate sifting here. Not even raking. All of it into the fire now. No time to check it. It’s needed… the change… so just let it swell up and overwhelm you and then pitch the whole lot into the flames.

That requires a lot of trust. That requires some sort of belief that there is something on the other side. Something better. Maybe. Something freer. Something with some space for the real. The authentic down to the bone self that has up until this point been, quite possibly, overwhelmed by the grit and gris of everyone else. Maybe.

In those times I call on the goddess. I ask her to step in and lend a hand. Not any one particular goddess or one reflection or aspect. I ask for all of her. The whole Shebang and I give myself over to whatever it is that she is. That she wants to express in this moment through me.

I surrender because it’s all too big and too chaotic to do much else. I get out of the way and let the universe express her fullness through me rather than making myself contort into the many limited variations of expression I can come up with by myself.


Oil of Surrender

To restore faith. To soothe. To relax and let go.

80 ml Grapeseed Oil

20 ml Arnica infused Oil – to bring warmth and to guide and direct the healing energies that flow throughout the body.

1 drop Clary Sage Essential Oil – to encourage balance and steadiness of spirit. It encourages us on our path and helps to bring our dreams to reality.

4 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil – to purify our energy and release the toxic emotions which tend to stifle our spiritual growth. This oil increases feelings of divine love, protection, and purpose.

3 drops White Fir Essential Oil – reputed to aid ancestral healing; breaking the patterns of our forebears and offering a place to seek refuge and protection on a spiritual level. Encourages you stay true to your path of healing even when all seems lost.

2 drops Lavender Essential oil – to invite soothing peaceful energies.

2 drops Wintergreen Essential Oil – assists in clearing the need to be right or to know. Strengthens the soul to surrender to a higher power and let go. Clears negative emotions.


Very carefully count your drops of essential oil into a glass jug.

Add the Arnica infused oil. Swirl gently to mix

Add the grapeseed oil. Swirl gently to mix.

Hold the Jug in your hands at the level of your heart and with intent speak the words

‘Thy will, not my will’ over and into the oils.

Hold the Jug at the level of your solar plexus and repeat the phrase again with intent.

Hold the jug at the level of your root chakra/ hips and repeat the words again

Return the jug to your heart and breathe love, patience and allowing into it.


Pour your oil into a suitable container with a lid (Such as a dark glass bottle) and store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Use 1-2 tsp as a bath oil. Anoint your feet before you go to sleep.

Rachel Upton

Rachel Upton

Naturally intuitive, with a background in neuro-linguistic programming, metaphysics, holistic body work and women’s energy therapy. Rachel has a deep appreciation and understanding of the subtle intricacies which come together to form our being and a great advocate of the benefits of spending time in nature, grounding daily and enjoying the sensory delights of being here now.

Rachel facilitates private and group sessions in Surrey and West Sussex offering meditation, healing, spiritual development and intuitive coaching. She also produces the Sacred Circle Natural Incenses range of handmade oils, balms and loose incenses for ritual, meditation and therapeutic practices.


Rachel Upton

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