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Posted by on 1 May 2014 | 0 comments

Every Day is Saturday!

Today I have Sam Crowley with me the founder of Every Day is Saturday, entrepreneur, father, husband, human on Earth bringing inspiration and motivation to the lives of many.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about you and your journey to Every Day is Saturday?

Every Day is Saturday came about when I was a corporate slave stuck in a job that I hated. I’d been in it for about 15 years and it was a good job I mean as far as jobs go, I made good money and had a company car and you know some nice investments and things like that but I just never got any time to see my family. My daughter used to ask me ‘Daddy is tomorrow Saturday, Daddy is tomorrow Saturday.’ And I end up just quitting my job back in 2005 and I built a personal development company called Every Day is Saturday imagine that, and I do a lot of speaking around the world encouraging entrepreneurs to really go for their dream, show them what I did. I show them everything I did wrong which seems to take up more time than the stuff I did right and so they don’t make the same mistakes I did, but really Ali just giving people permission to play big, just giving people courage that’s about it.

How imortant is mindset in leading a successful life?

Well if you’re asking me it’s everything because you can’t do anything if you’re paralysed by your past, thoughts or the wandering beliefs that you have, and just looking at all the things you did wrong it’ll leave you second guessing yourself. I’ll give you an example. When I first left my job I bought a franchise over here, a restaurant, and I went broke, the franchise went under I lost all my money and that was it I had to go back to my job which is a whole other story, ask for my job back but they didn’t give it to me. I had to go back and work for everybody that used to work for me and so then I get this inspiration to launch Every Day is Saturday so what do I do? Do I not do it because I failed before in a big way I’m not talking about just a little stub your toe failure, I’m talking about massive failure that I had. Or do I say I’m going to try again but I’m going to do it differently this time because I learned about everything I did wrong and there’s still no guarantee you’re going to succeed but at least you’ve got that mind set, you’re not coming at it from a fear mentality, a lack mentality. At least you’re coming at it from a position of strength I mean if you don’t swing as hard as you can every time and try to do well you’re just not going to have any success. So I’d rather at least have the mindset that says, ‘I’m going to succeed’ versus ‘I’m not going to try it ever again because that doesn’t work’ it’s just not the way you want to approach it, I can’t imagine approaching anything especially business that way.

How do you feel that physical fitness contributes towards being able to live the best possible life?

Well it’s a great metaphor. I haven’t been a fitness freak, I’m not even a fitness freak. I’m just somebody that goes to the gym regularly because I like the way I feel, not necessarily while I’m working out. The hardest part is the first 15 minutes of breaking a sweat it’s terrible and I’m just being honest. I don’t enjoy going to the gym, thinking about how much pain I’m putting my body in, whether I’m running, lifting weights……. after about 20 minutes into a 45 minute workout though I’m in the zone and you can’t stop me at that point, my motor’s running high, I’m breaking a sweat I’m feeling good, I’m drinking a lot of water.

It’s a metaphor for what we’ve just talked about, the mindset, you don’t focus on the pain you’re in before you go to the workout, you focus on 30 days out. How are you going to look? How are you going to feel? Depending on how hard you’re working out and on how well you’re eating because if you don’t eat right you can forget about it. You can go to the gym but if you’re firing back twinkies and ho hos and pizzas and all that stuff just don’t go to the gym, just sit on your couch and call it a life because you’re not going anywhere. If you mix in the right diet and diet’s not a bad word I’m talking about eating smaller meals, 6 times a day versus gorging out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and just putting a lot of plant-based foods in your body, drinking at least a gallon of water. That mentality to me, again just steps, just baby steps that lead to bigger steps.

Do you agree that spirituality helps us live our lives better?

It helps me live my life better, I realise that being a Christian, my faith is not what is everybody’s preference I think that I can only talk about what it does in my life so I guess I’ll just speak from that perspective. My faith in God has always got me through very difficult times, because I personally think that if you don’t have something like that to lean on. It grounds me and allows me to think that I’m really just a grain of sand on this whole big beach of life and I was raised Roman Catholic and we used to go to church every Sunday and all of that, I’ve gotten a little away from the ritualistic part of it, with us Catholics it’s stand up, sit down, stand up sit down …. I’ve gotten more into a routine where I want to talk to God every minute of every day if I can and whether it’s to pray over my kids, to pray over myself, my business my health, my family whatever, talk to my mum who passed away in 1997. I believe my perspective is that I cannot possibly make it through life without God because to me dying and not thinking of an afterlife and heaven and being able to have that would put a lot more of an urgency to my life right now thinking that there’s nothing left after this but I want to believe that in my religion and my spiritual journey that there’s a higher power that’s looking out for myself and for my family. And truly if it’s Go’d will that I am to be a successful speaker, father, and husband and all these things then that’s what it’s going to be and if it’s not then he gives me free will to make that not happen as well. I don’t blame God for my mistakes in life but I do praise God when I have a lot of abundance, the abundance in my life has been amazing compared to growing up with no money, the youngest of 8 kids and my mum on government assistance and all of that, so it’s just for me, the spiritual journey is really a big big part of every single day of my life not just on Sundays.

You’re building up a new podcast membership site aren’t you?

Yeah we’re building up a podcast membership site for people to get their voice out there just like yourself, I mean exploding the message out there and using the power of their experiences and their own unique selling propostion, what they bring to the marketplace to get the voice out there. So yes we’re excited about that, for sure.

If people want to find out about this new podcasting website they can go to my site for information:    I’ll be in there as well so we’ll have a lot of fun, we always have had a lot of fun, haven’t we Sam?

We absolutely have Ali you are one of our model podcasting students from way back.

You make me sound old now, don’t do that.

Myself as well.

Ok well I’ll let you get on have a lovely day of course today is Saturday.

Of course every day is.

So enjoy your Saturday.

Thank you, great speaking with you.

Thanks for the chat.

You got it, take care.

Alison Wylie

Alison Wylie

My name is Alison Wylie. I am English but I live in Italy, I often use the name Ali Wings, 'ali' in Italian means 'wings' so rather appropriate considering how I love to fly at night in my dreams and out-of-body experiences.
Around the year 2000 I had my first out-of-body experience, it was the first of thousands, and the beginning of an incredible journey into self. Taking the inner path is not always easy and I had a lot of intense experiences confronting many parts of myself which I never imagined existed.
Through my out-of-body experiences I have experienced how we are so much more than we could ever conceive with our human brains. I have understood on a very deep level how everything and everyone is connected and now I wish to help people connect to who they truly are.
I have met people on the other side who have died full of regrets for not having lived fully while on Earth, for not having given all of themselves but instead getting lost in the drama and 'busyness' of physical life. I wish to help people balance their lives and really start to live, to live life consciously. I am a podcaster and run three podcasts, the Astral Projection Podcast, the Connecting the Bits Podcast plus an Italian podcast named Mente Corpo Spirito such is my desire to reach the world with my message.
I am an Author, Teacher, Astral Projection Coach, Reiki Practioner Level 2 and Spiritual Advisor helping people to become their own hero and live life consciously.

Alison Wylie

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