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Diving for Pearls with Maggie Kay


Finding Wisdom

Wisdom on Tap

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have help and guidance whenever you need it? The astonishing thing is that superb wisdom is right there within you, waiting to be tapped, every single day. Whether you are out shopping wondering what to buy for dinner, on the brink of a major life decision, or handling a shocking crisis, a powerful source of personal guidance is only a few breaths away.

Everyone has inner wisdom. It is part of you. It is just a matter of locating the ‘wisdom spot’ within you and learning how to communicate with the intelligence there in order to decipher the guidance. We have so much more of a smoother ride in life when we know how to do this effectively. But most of us do not listen to our inner wisdom, and even if we hear it, we do not know which ‘voice in our head’ to trust.

It is more usual to refer to what I am calling ‘inner wisdom’ as intuition or instinct, both of which tend to get used interchangeably. We are just as likely to proclaim, “My intuition is red hot today,” as to say, “I’m going with my gut instinct.” But actually, intuition and instinct are different things. Intuition literally means ‘inner tutor’, the teacher within, and is part of our ‘higher’ consciousness. Instinct, however, derives from our more basic animal nature – our automatic, survival, flight or fight response. I prefer to use the term inner wisdom as it is less easily confused with instinct.

The trouble is that we are not very accustomed to finding, trusting and using our inner wisdom. Unlike instinct, it does not come automatically and requires a bit of cultivation. Generally speaking, these days in our culture and education systems, the emphasis is on our quick thinking rather than our deep knowing. This means that most of us are missing out on a fantastic natural method of getting the best from life.

In days gone by we knew how to commune with this guidance system, but our modern lifestyle is such that we have by and large forgotten all about it. Our minds are filled with information and external stimulation. We scurry about getting more and more confused, taking wrong turns and running in circles. No wonder we do not feel so good, that something is missing in our lives.

Fortunately, not everyone has forgotten how to tune in to this excellent natural source of guidance. Countless spiritual practices, sages, and mystics have kept the art alive through the ages. In recent years, there is a renewed wave of interest and understanding sweeping our planet. More and more of us are picking up the threads of these ancient ways and weaving them together with fresh spiritual intelligence to make a modern tapestry, a complete map, which works meaningfully and practically for us today.

Stop and Ask Meditation

Stop for a moment, just a moment. It’s okay. It’s really good for you. Take a deep breath…

Breathe out… Take another deep breath… Breathe out…

Is there somewhere you can sit down for a few minutes? Or a quieter place to stand?

Decide to take a few more minutes to yourself. Breathe freely. Stretch, shake out, then settle again. Let the tension sigh away as you breathe out. Be at ease.

Where are you? Look around. See the colors and shapes around you. Then close your eyes if you can do so safely. Breathe in the air.

What can you smell, taste? What can you hear, near, far? Notice what you are touching. What is touching you? Notice the textures; the temperature; your feet on the ground; the air on your face; the way your clothes wrap your body. Breathe in and out through your senses.

Breathing into your whole body, let your weight drop down, down into the ground.

Let your breath move through you. Soften your muscles. Let your shoulders drop, your tummy be round, jaw loose, tongue free. Feel your breath reaching your toes and running along your spine. Feel your breath arriving at your fingertips, washing around your scalp.

With your breath swimming through you, let go of thinking for a while. Give yourself a delicious time-out. There is nothing to figure out for now. Let your eyes be soft and dewy. With the mask of your face melting and your brain feeling slack, allow your thoughts to gently float to the ground, like dust particles falling through a sunny room.

Feel how good it is to breathe – to just be breathing. There is nothing else you need do right now. You are just breathing, sensing, being.

Feel your chest rise and fall. What is it like in there – tight, expansive? Allow it to open a little more. Breathe into the area around your heart. Does it feel good, uncomfortable, or numb? Just breathe. However it is or isn’t.

Feel any upset. That’s okay. Feel your good feelings. That’s okay. Feel your blankness. That’s okay. Whatever you feel or don’t feel. That’s okay.

Breathe into the whole of yourself – every molecule, every vibration, your body, your mind, your heart. Let yourself drop deep. Let yourself spread wide. Let the breath be everywhere.

Notice the space inside you, the warmth, the places that feel good. Breathe. Allow them to expand. Feel the freedom within you. Let it grow. Know that everything is going to be okay. Feel the vastness within and around you.

Being with all that you think, all that you feel, all that you sense, all that you know.

Be with all that you are.

Now, what is bothering you? What is on your mind – a decision, a problem, a question?

What is it? What is troubling you? Choose one thing that you would like to resolve. Breathe with all that you are. Make it clear in your mind what this one issue is.

Feel the energy of it in your body. Feel the emotion of it in your heart, in your breath.

Now imagine yourself picking up your issue and rolling it into a pebble in your hands.

There is a beautiful, deep, clear pool of water before you. After a moment, make a wish to resolve your issue and drop the pebble into the pool. Let the pebble sink down, down, down to the bottom of the pool.

Just being for a while, enjoying the ripples.

Then… you notice. There seem to be some messages coming from the ripples. What whispers do you hear? What images appear? What ideas occur to you?

It may not make sense. It may not be what you expect. It doesn’t matter. Just notice.

Whatever happens or doesn’t happen is perfect.

Take a few more moments to be. Breathe.

With the next few breaths, wake back up. Take a deep breath and stretch. Open your eyes, feeling whole and fresh. Wake up fully.

Remind yourself what just happened by the pool. What was your issue? What messages did you receive about it?

Whether you received any messages or not, whether you understood them or not, let it be as it is. You may not know how your issue will be resolved just yet. Restate your wish to have your issue resolved. Carry on with your day.

Now and over the next few days, open to whatever help or ideas come your way.

Maggie Kay

Maggie Kay

Maggie Kay is an inspirational coach and founder of Thrivecraft and the Thrivecraft Academy.

Known as the Inner Wisdom Coach and formerly an ordained Buddhist, Maggie specialises in meditation, mindfulness, law of attraction, metaphysics and spiritual intelligence for life, love and business.

As well as coaching one-to-one, she trains accredited Thrivecraft life coaches and meditation teachers and runs retreats and workshops for soulful entrepreneurs, coaches and well being professionals.

In 2016, with her son Jamie grown up, Maggie established Thrivecraft Home Hub, a riverside country retreat in Cornwall, UK, where she lives with her soul mate husband, Patrick.

Her new book – Diving for Pearls: A Wise Woman's Guide to Finding Love (O Books) – is a highly readable true love and spiritual adventure story laced with tips and teachings on meditation, Buddhism, inner wisdom and relationships relevant to all.

Maggie's vision for the future includes taking Thrivecraft worldwide via a new online academy; continuing to mentor coaches, well-being professionals and meditation teachers to grow and prosper their businesses; producing audios of her full range of guided meditations; and writing further books to inspire and support everyone to create rich, happy and fulfilling lives. 

Buy Diving for Pearls on Amazon.

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