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Diving for Pearls with Maggie Kay

Casting Pearls

Early Thrivecraft

Soon, Pat and I were coaching people one-to-one and running groups and courses. What we found was that there were certain themes that came up for people over and over again. One, of course, is love and relationships. So many people are looking for the right relationship or to improve the one they’ve got, or to find out if they need to let go of the relationship they are in. Having just experienced our own happy love story, relationship coaching became one branch of Thrivecraft’s work and we developed a popular workshop called Get Ready for Love.

I also ran a meditation class, now free from any Buddhist identity. As well as teaching traditional methods, the meditation that I was guiding began to take on different forms. I started to channel new meditations rather than practicing and teaching existing ones. Over a couple of years, I  evolved a powerful guided meditation which I eventually named Ask Your Inner Wisdom. This meditation allows you to drop into your own source of inner wisdom and find wise answers and intuitive solutions to questions and problems.

By the autumn of 2003, Thrivecraft was establishing well and Pat and I turned our attention to our wedding. We had a magical Shamanic ceremony on the banks of the river Dart a short stroll from the Sea Trout Inn where we met. Being the location of “I see you” and our first kiss, we had our reception there. A Scottish bagpiper led the wedding procession up the hill from the river to the inn. Then, about two hundred of us dined and danced away the evening in the marquee and gardens, blessed by fine ‘Indian Summer’ weather.


The next 10 years of Thrivecraft and married life brought Pat and me many rich and vivid experiences. As well as the enormous reward of our vocation and the many wonderful people we were working with and befriending, there were challenges. During 2005, Pat’s health broke down and he was forced to stop working. There followed an intense few years adapting to the changes and caring for Pat until his health stabilized (though not enough for him to return to work, and still requiring a degree of care) while I carried on with Thrivecraft on my own.

I was also now a mum to a lively teenage boy who, being dyslexic, didn’t find learning easy although he thrived at school socially. Jamie was spending the middle of the week with his dad, and Friday to Monday with us, made simpler when Colin found a home in the same village. Although Pat and I managed to stay in the village, we had to move home three times during these years – including downsizing from a seven room Tudor cottage with a garden house to a pair of caravans in a field – all of which I organized single-handedly. It was a time of emotional, physical and financial demands and of digging deep within and in our relationships.

However, it was also a time of inspiration; an initiation by means of the rite of ordeal that yielded many treasures. Lots of grit in lots of oysters equals lots of pearls! My ability to find and utilize inner wisdom became stronger and stronger, even and especially in these times of challenge.

I had major insights about how to love more and more unconditionally in a committed partnership and what a growing young man needs from a mother in order to flourish. Having put Thrivecraft on the back burner for a while, I carried on solo under my own name, simplifying to mostly one-to-one coaching work and writing. I was also reviewing and figuring out who I was now – what was my ‘brand’, my unique offering, my message? Who was it I wanted to reach and serve and with what?

In retrospect (in fact, in writing this chapter), I see these challenging years as my initiation and grounding ‘in the world’. All the insights I had gained in the seclusion of the Triratna community now needed to find relevance and application in everyday life dealing with everyday issues like money, health, partnership, motherhood and managing a home. I was well and truly out of the meditation cave and into the thick of ordinary society. Over the years I had often read stories of how ‘enlightened’ masters are not truly masters until they can apply their wisdom in the everyday world. Now it was my turn to do that.

I came to truly recognize my inner wisdom and the massive contribution all those years of meditation and spiritual practice made to those I was working with as well as my own life. It was around now that my colleagues started to refer to me as “the Inner Wisdom Coach” – a tag that went some way to labelling what I was bringing into my vocation and the coaching world. I have to thank my former TV ‘Dragon’ client, now friend, Rachel Elnaugh, for encouraging me to ‘own’ my spiritual power and embody inner wisdom as a vital part of my unique brand.

Increasingly, I had the urge to capture and formulate my approach – something accessible and non-Buddhist, yet utilizing all the incredible learning I had from those experiences – and get a body of work out to a much wider audience. Much creativity was pouring through me and I wrote articles and blogs, recorded guided meditations and videos, created new workshops, and exploded into the world of social media with gusto, making many fantastic connections and collaborations, of whom Rachel was one. Increasingly inspired to write books, I scoped out a whole series of book ideas and began to talk to mentors and publishers.

New Pearls

Much of my output came to a halt in 2010, however, when many issues come to a head. During UK’s most severe, snowy winter in decades, we spent seven months living in a pair of caravans and dealing with a peak of health, housing, finance and family challenges. Having bravely and successfully met them head on, we finally moved into a secure home in February 2011.

As keen Feng Shui practitioner Rachel informed me, our move coincided with the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit. I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, so it would be a good year for me, Rachel told me. Themes associated with the Rabbit include health, home, money and family, and so it was with great relief that I declared 2011 a year to focus on those very things.

Jamie was now living with us full-time and I was relishing being a full-time mum again and giving him the support he needed, especially during the school week. Pat’s health was steady after a new diagnosis and treatment, and I was attending to some health issues of my own with the help of Ayurveda, energy healing, herbal medicine, German New Medicine, EFT and acupuncture.

We had spent some of that snowy winter in Scotland supporting my mum while she went through some intensive medical treatment. By the time of our move, she was completing her treatment and would go on to make a good recovery. With perfect synchronicity, I had an ongoing regular contract with a lovely long-term client that gave me the ideal amount of work while allowing plenty of time for home and family. I was relaxed, happy and finding balance again.

In September 2012, feeling restored and well, I gave my first workshop for more than two years on International Peace Day. I was then inspired to create a local event of my own in tandem with something Rachel was doing in London. On 12-12-12, a date famous for the Mayan prediction that the world would come to an end, Rachel was running a SourceTV event celebrating the spirit of 2012.

In our circles, we chose to look upon 12-12-12 as a time of rebirth into a new paradigm of love and cooperation. In Totnes, Devon, our Unity 2012 Celebration was a sell-out success, bringing many of my friends, clients and colleagues together again. We were all feeling the rising spirit of 2012; a spirit that celebrates the power of the collective to create the kind of world we want to see together. I was beginning to hear a call from my inner wisdom to galvanize Thrivecraft into life again.

My creativity and inspiration were gathering momentum. In February 2013, I celebrated my 49th birthday with friends, inviting them along to my choir practice for the evening and a party afterwards. The combination of singing, friendship, love, affirmation, joy, celebration, and raw chocolate cake resulted in a night of no-sleep-needed divine download for me. I had a scintillating, detailed vision of exactly how and where I wanted to take my work next, and so, the Thrivecraft Academy was conceived.

Over the next two years, I presented a program of monthly Thrivecraft workshops, meditation classes and training courses, packaging up and passing on my entire body of work. It was a huge output, like finally breathing out after breathing in for so long, but I loved it, and danced through the months in a state of joyful, natural creative flow.

To my utter delight, those months saw the creation of more than 50 accredited Thrivecraft Coaches, Practitioners, Meditation Practitioners and Meditation Teachers, plus reached out to many more that dropped in to workshops or classes. In the process Thrivecraft became a registered training provider and was recognized as a modality in its own right. Pat and I had always nurtured this vision of developing a training academy and creating a community of Thrivecraft professionals from the very beginning. Now, 10 or so years later, our Thrivecraft baby had grown up and come of age.

Maggie Kay

Maggie Kay

Maggie Kay is an inspirational coach and founder of Thrivecraft and the Thrivecraft Academy.

Known as the Inner Wisdom Coach and formerly an ordained Buddhist, Maggie specialises in meditation, mindfulness, law of attraction, metaphysics and spiritual intelligence for life, love and business.

As well as coaching one-to-one, she trains accredited Thrivecraft life coaches and meditation teachers and runs retreats and workshops for soulful entrepreneurs, coaches and well being professionals.

In 2016, with her son Jamie grown up, Maggie established Thrivecraft Home Hub, a riverside country retreat in Cornwall, UK, where she lives with her soul mate husband, Patrick.

Her new book – Diving for Pearls: A Wise Woman's Guide to Finding Love (O Books) – is a highly readable true love and spiritual adventure story laced with tips and teachings on meditation, Buddhism, inner wisdom and relationships relevant to all.

Maggie's vision for the future includes taking Thrivecraft worldwide via a new online academy; continuing to mentor coaches, well-being professionals and meditation teachers to grow and prosper their businesses; producing audios of her full range of guided meditations; and writing further books to inspire and support everyone to create rich, happy and fulfilling lives. 

Buy Diving for Pearls on Amazon.

Thrivecraft with Maggie  Kay

Wisdom.  Inspiration.  Self-belief.


Maggie Kay

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