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Posted by on 20 Apr 2016 | 0 comments

Channelled reading- Shimlaya

blue-690872_960_720Dear ones, 
 Let me once again say what a joy and a pleasure it is to speak with you and to be with you. I and my fellow brethren look upon you as you strive forward in your lives, juggling and balancing your daily weekly and monthly tasks while striving to be there for others and also for your dear sweet selves.
May I readily, eagerly and gladly remind you that we are here with you and for you. That when you stride you do not do so alone, we are by your side. We have tremendous amounts of unbridled love for you and so much support that it would make your heart sing and body dance if you truly could comprehend how loved helped and cherished you are. You would laugh, sing and delight if you could see all the forms of love with you. You do not need to do it all on your own, that was never a part of the divine plan for you. You are a beautiful being of light in human form, what is more natural than for us out of form to assist you in all ways? There is so much support with you and you do not need to be or do anything to deserve it, you dearest are a cherished being of light, you are born worthy of the richness of the universe, it is only misunderstandings that can get in your way.
It is time to release yourself from them, let go of doubts, fears and old outworn beliefs that do not support your happiness. Let go by having fun, it clears your senses and refreshes your beautiful being. Having fun helps you to embrace more of yourself so that you can truly enjoy all that you are. Come beloveds, release to us, release your cares and open your arms to the multitude of gifts that we have for you.
Come and dance with us so that you will feel less burdened and alone, come and enjoy us loving and working and being together. Nothing is ever withheld from you, oh no indeed no dearest, in truth many many gifts are ready for you, and many many more are being orchestrated to reach you. There is so much to enjoy, fun to be had and adventures for you to experience. When you give us permission to step in you begin to remember and to experience how much we can assist you with so that you are freer to enjoy the pleasures of life. So then sweet beloveds, open to us and to what we bring so that you can relieve your pressure and so that you can receive what is for you.
Let us delight you and surprise you with our help by inviting us to be a part of your life most wondrous lives. You are truly loved beyond measure and I thank you for that you are, all that you do and for gracing the earth plain with your presence.
Forever in Love Shimlaya 
Katie Speed

Katie Speed

Katie is a gifted channel from a rural town in Staffordshire UK. She’s been living and working with the awareness of angels since 2001, after late one night when a very tall and dazzlingly bright angel appeared illuminating the dark room she was in and started the re- awakening her childhood gifts. Since then, she’s trained in different healing modalities before going on to work as an intuitive coach and facilitate angelic and soul centred workshops. Katie fully embraces her gifts of channelling and works closely with Shimlaya, a beautiful evolved being of divine consciousness that speaks through her. Together their work continues to evolve so that they can be of greater assistance to others through personal readings, group readings, writings and teaching.

Katie Speed

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