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Posted by on 17 Jul 2014 | 0 comments

Inspired Astrology: Cancer, Leo and Virgo – the signs of Summer!

I have a new offering beginning 1 July – read through to the end for the exciting details!

Cancer ushers in Summer.  Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign.

You may know that each season starts with a Cardinal sign:  Aries in Spring, Cancer in Summer, Libra in Fall and Capricorn in Winter.

Each of these signs has a different element of operation.  For Cancer, it is Water.  Water signs are emotional and psychic.

Cancer begins on 21 June with an Aries Moon – two Cardinal signs (Water & Fire, respectively) working together.

Got a job to do, a project to complete, a mission?  This is the time to Redesign, Rework, Reinforce, Revisit the unfinished, while Mercury is still Retrograde. Cardinal signs are wonderful energies to work with in order to get it done.

On 27 June at 9:09 a.m. GMD, there is a New Moon in Cancer.  The Sun & Moon are both in Cancer.   This day will likely see assertion of the individual (Mars opposite Uranus) and you may either find yourself wearing rose-colored glasses when it comes to romance (Neptune square Venus) or you could find a well of creative inspiration.

There is a wealth of Cardinal energy involved in this Cancer New Moon.  Pluto (Capricorn) is opposite the Sun & Moon (Cancer), square to Mars (Libra) and square to Uranus (Aries.)  With all four Cardinal signs present, the energies of Water, Fire, Earth and Air are all involved.

Make an appointment with yourself to set an intention at the New Moon – within 48 hours.  Watch the cycle from the New Moon to the next New Moon to see how your intention manifests.

On 12 July at 12:25 pm GMD there will be a Capricorn Full Moon.  This melding of Cardinal energies (Water and Earth) results in mud!  Astrology is often delightful in the images it brings to mind.  Truly though, this is wonderful energy to make excellent progress on projects you may have neglected.

Once again, all of the Cardinal energies and signs are invoked in this New Moon.  Mars (Libra) is square to the Sun (Cancer) and Moon (Capricorn) and Pluto (Capricorn) is square to Uranus (Aries).  If that isn’t enough, Uranus is also squaring the Sun & Moon.

The energy to get things started is truly there this Summer.  The tension is present (see the paragraph above) and Cardinal energy is at hand.

Saturn’s retrograde motion in Scorpio ends on 20 August.  Uranus then enters a retrograde phase in Aries the next day, 21August.  Uranus is a very slow-moving planet, taking 84 years to make one complete cycle.

Leo, a Fixed Fire sign, begins on 22 July, bringing us even deeper into Summer.  By now Mercury has long since ended its retrograde cycle (1 July) and the shadow effect (through 8 July) has ended.

Leo energy is happy, inspired and blazing.  Think of an image of a roaring fire, how it dances and moves and captures your attention.  That’s how Leo energy can be felt and may inspire.

On 26 July at 11:42 pm BST, there is a New Moon with the Moon & Sun in the early degrees of Leo.  Jupiter is also in early Leo, bringing an expansion of this energy.  Jupiter is in tense aspect to Mars at this Full Moon, bringing to mind the possibility of aggressive actions being taken against those in close relationship.

Again, as we have seen most of the Summer, there is an abundance of Cardinal energy:  Pluto and Uranus continue their journey through Capricorn and Aries.  Mars has moved into Scorpio, perhaps to uncover some hidden piece of knowledge!  Venus and Mercury are now well into Cancer.

The Sun will enter Virgo on 23 August at 5:45 am BST.  Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign and its keyword is “I analyze.”  This is the time of the harvest, reaping rewards for what we have sown.

We will have an Aquarian Full Moon on 10 August at 7:10 pm BST.  Mercury is involved tightly with the Sun, and opposite the Moon.  Saturn in Scorpio is in a stressful contact with the Sun, Mercury and the Moon.  This could manifest in restriction of emotional expression in some way – censorship?  There is a lot of Fixed energy with this Full Moon, so you are well advised to be aware and be prepared to go with the flow.

On 25 August at 3:13 pm there is a Virgo New Moon, with both the Sun and Moon in the 9th house of travel, adventure and higher education.  Are you thinking of furthering your skills by taking a class?  Mars is in very tight aspect to Saturn, perhaps resulting in low energy.  The focus on this day, however, is on the Moon and Sun.  There is a suggestion of creative energies coming forward, with Neptune in aspect to the Sun and Moon.

Get up, have a dance party (even if it’s only a party of one) and get those creative juices flowing.  Settle in and allow yourself to give expression to whatever comes through for you.

A very busy Summer is ahead of us, with so many different energies coming through.  How can you best deal with the struggles, opportunities and challenges?  Consult me for insight on your personal chart.  I can offer you helpful advice on how it impacts you, and for how long.  Your chart is your soul map for life – use the information it offers to you for your highest good!

Like my Facebook page, “Astrology by Marsha.”  I will soon offer free chart readings to people who are on that page on the first of each month, beginning on July 1st.

Marsha Massino

Marsha has studied the art of astrology for over 30 years, and continues her study with Noel Tyl in his Master Astrology course. Marsha blends astrology with intuition, offering clients much more than a cookbook interpretation of their natal horoscope.  During a session you will not be overwhelmed with the jargon of astrology. Your chart interpretation will revolve around areas of life's patterns and conditioning:  parents, education, communication, resources, love...and more.

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